It's in our name

We are a creative agency that's about forward movement

Commence is a strategic strategic design and technology studio, crafting purposeful brands, brands, products, and experiences experiences that turn cultural values cultural values into company value.

Brand identity for the leading global investment group

Cingulate Group

The Virgil – Coworking Space Identity and Website Design

The Virgil

Identity, Web Design & Development


Web Design and Development


Organic olive oil packaging with an Italian origin


Putting the message in brand messaging


Building a stronger fitness community

Fitlab Strong

Rebranding Alaskan kelp based foods with scalable packaging

Barnacle Foods

Bold in the Bronx

Pharos Academy

Cannabis culture in the digital space

Sierra Well

Italian Heritage Brand & Grooming Products

Gravallese Co.

Down the Rabbit Hole Packaging Design

Black Rabbit Mead Company

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