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AIGA: Margins and Padding of Running a Design Studio

In this preview clip, Matthew Mclver and Lee-Sean Huang, AIGA’s senior director of learning and programs, discuss the important role of financial margins and padding in business. The AIGA Design Podcast will be going on a brief mid-season spring hiatus and return with our full episode with Matthew on May 20, 2024.

Matthew Mclver is a creative entrepreneur and owner of Commence Studio based in Reno, Nevada. Commence Studio is a B2B Brand and E-commerce Agency that helps purpose-driven companies be seen & heard.


Agency Journey Podcast

Learn how Matt leveraged EOS, strategic partnerships, and custom ecommerce solutions to optimize operations and expand offerings over 9 years in business. Matthew McIver shares his journey evolving Commence Studio from a service-based creative agency into a productized business selling themes on Shopify. See how EOS and Traction shaped their growth, why they partner with larger firms, and how custom eCommerce sites demonstrate clearer ROI for clients. Matt also explains how virtual tools like Float enable better financial visibility and why you should standardize systems instead of reinventing the wheel. Tune in for a transparent peek behind the scenes at an agency optimizing their operations and expanding their offerings over 9 years in business.