We craft purpose-driven brands that connect people and inspire action.

Your mission is to change the world. Ours is to help you get there. We help brands understand their customer and capture their hearts through branding, packaging, and eCommerce experiences.


It's Different.

A true partnership

We laugh, cry, succeed, and celebrate together. Our partners see us as a true extension of their team. Think of your team as it is now… Wouldn’t it be great to add designers, web developers, and full-stack digital marketers to support your efforts without any additional training? From day one, we’re ready to perform.

Creative Expertise

If “brand builders” was in the dictionary, you’d see Commence Studio’s name mentioned. We’ve produced graphic design work for CPG, technology, education, and professional services – 18+ years of that, and you get pretty good at providing solutions. We’ve got the awards and grey hair to prove it. These days we specialize in branding, packaging, and growth for CPG companies. Why? We know what jumps off the shelves and into the customer’s carts.

Wholistic Strategy

You want a team that’s been around the block and sees what’s around the corner. Our work takes a top-down, goal-oriented view of the effect on your company. We take the time to listen before we talk and learn about the difficulties your business is facing. Only then can we find solutions. We help you build a brand, facilitate growth, and make decisions that create long-term success.

Our Partners


Let's Talk

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing partners. From branding to web development; to packaging and email marketing – we’ve seen it all. If you’re interested in teaming up – so are we. Let’s jump on a call and we’ll listen to your goals, offer our expertise, and create a plan to help you get there.

A message

from our CEO Matt McIver

I aim to help entrepreneurs and creatives deliver their best work to the world. As an EO-member-led company, my philosophy has been to build people and nurture collaborative partnerships. The mission and values we uphold allow us to show up with radical resilience.

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