Our Proven Process

A Collaborative Journey

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail – Benjamin Franklin said that. 

And it rings especially true for our team. Over the years we’ve charted what gets our client results and keeps us learning from every project.

01 Discovery

Onboarding | Initial Invoicing | Review Goals | Discovery | Internal Kickoff

You’re looking for bold-problem solvers – we’re looking for purpose-driven brands that are ready to grow. It’s a match! Let’s take the time to review your goals and get you onboarded. We’ll work to understand your mission and that “something extra” that sets you apart. After we gush about you as a team, it’s time for phase 2.

02 Kickoff

Initial Meeting | Share Inspiration | Review Goals | Review Assets | Timeline Overview

A new partnership is exciting – it’s all handshakes and high-fives. Our kick-off meeting is a blend of serious fun and serious strategy – yes, you can have both. We’ll share our inspiration and vision for your brand’s future and then review those goals from the discovery meeting. You’ll share your assets like logos, brand standards, essential documents, and platform logins. We’ll close the meeting by discussing a timeline for the launch of your new assets.

03 Ideate

Internal Strategy | Collaboration | Gather Inputs | Sketch/Wireframe | Prototype

We are a small team filled with big ideas. A group of forward-thinking dreamers with the expertise to back it up. We’ll do the work and help your brand create memorable interactions with customers. Let’s disrupt the status-quo, not just because it’s cool but because it works. Our collaborative process with our partners builds inclusion and excitement about the direction of each campaign. This is where we put our heads down and work. Communication is key so we’ll continue to provide you updates on where we’re at.

04 Execute

Refine Ideas | Build Deliverables | Test Outputs | Quality Assurance | Optimize

Locked in. That’s the word we use to describe this part of the process. Buckle up, because we’re taking the ideas, working out the kinks, and getting ready to deliver the final product. Before delivery, we’ll ensure the quality of what we’ve created. We’ll make sure everything is perfect before it reaches you and your customers through our QA process.

05 Deliver

Handoff | Training | Implementation

This is it, the moment we’ve been waiting for – Launch day. Whether it’s a rebrand, UX/UI development, content strategy, or a fully-fleshed-out digital marketing campaign, we’ll deliver a buttoned-up product ready to hit the streets. Most of our branding partners stick with us to launch their assets and manage their campaigns. With a highly effective brand, strategy, and implementation team, we’re your partner from creation to implementation and beyond.

06 Learn

Retrospective Meeting | Celebrate Win | Discuss Feedback

The work isn’t done until we’ve had a chance to reexamine. Did curiosity kill the cat? We don’t think so. We learn from the journey and take note of what made the most significant impact through the project and beyond. Together, we’ll discuss the process from start to finish and digest all feedback. Together we’ll celebrate the journey and revel in the success.

You're sitting on a well of potential

Let’s tap into it so you can drink for days. (Here, here.) We dig into your values. We hone in on your challenges. We get to the bottom of how you want to show up in the world. Then we make it happen. And always in a way that fosters meaningful connections with consumers while increasing your bottom line.

Because, like you, we’re pretty darn conscious about the things we create.

We get to use the artistic avenues we love—illustration, design, storytelling—to help you engage consumers and tap into a deeper level of success. It’s not just a job we like—it’s the stuff we live for. This world holds infinite opportunities for a brand like yours. And we get giddy when we can use our passions to help you seize them.

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