Arkea Bio

Empowering a Biotech Startup to Combat Methane Emissions

Arkea Bio, a pioneering biotech startup, is dedicated to studying the impact of methane production from cattle and developing a vaccine to alleviate methane emissions from cows. To support their mission and secure funding, Arkea Bio partnered with Commence Studio to create a comprehensive content plan, web prototypes, and a fully developed website. The result was a powerful online presence that helped Arkea Bio raise over $26 million in funding.





Charlestown, MA USA


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Creating an Engaging and Informative Online Presence

Arkea Bio needed a website that effectively communicated their groundbreaking research and mission to potential investors and stakeholders. The challenge was to create a content-rich, visually appealing, and user-friendly site that could convey complex scientific information in an accessible manner and demonstrate the potential impact of their work on reducing methane emissions.


Developing a Strategic Content Plan and High-Impact Website

Content Plan Outline

Strategic Communication Commence Studio developed a detailed content plan outline for Arkea Bio, focusing on key messaging that highlighted the importance of their research, the science behind their vaccine, and the environmental benefits of reducing methane emissions from cattle. The content plan ensured that all website information was clear, concise, and compelling, effectively engaging potential investors and stakeholders.

Web Prototyping

User-Centered Design We created interactive web prototypes to visualize the site’s structure and user flow. This phase allowed Arkea Bio to see a working model of their website, providing valuable insights into how users would interact with the content and ensuring that the final design would meet their needs.

Web Development

Building a High-Performance Site Commence Studio developed a fully functional website based on the approved prototypes. The site featured a clean, modern design with intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and interactive elements. It effectively showcased Arkea Bio’s research, the science behind their innovative vaccine, and the positive environmental impact of their work.


A Powerful Tool for Fundraising and Awareness

The new website successfully communicated Arkea Bio’s mission and research, helping them secure over $26 million in funding. The strategic content, combined with a user-friendly and visually appealing design, made a strong impression on potential investors and stakeholders, demonstrating the significant impact of Arkea Bio’s work on reducing methane emissions.

"Commence Studio’s expertise in content strategy and web development was instrumental in helping us achieve our fundraising goals. The website they created effectively communicates our mission and research, making a compelling case for the importance of our work. "

Colin South – Founder

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