Happy Mushroom Co.

Transforming Happy Mushroom Co. with New Logo, Shopify Store, and Packaging for National Reach

How does a local brand become a national player? Through a strategic positioning of their brand and an online shop that makes orders and fulfillment a breeze. Happy Mushroom Co., a mushroom supplement company, needed a logo, Shopify store, and packaging suite to make expansion a reality. This is the Happy Mushroom Co. story.





Reno, NV USA

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Rebranding for National Appeal and Establishing an Online Presence

Biggest Little Mushrooms was primed for expansion after years of success selling their mushroom tinctures at farmers markets in Reno, Nevada. They wanted to be seen as a national brand, and they thought their Reno-inspired name was holding them back. In order to reach their goal of national expansion they needed a new name, packaging and brand identity to support it.

In addition, as an in-person seller, they’d need an online presence to make the purchasing process easier and to increase their chances of connecting with new customers.


Developing a Comprehensive Brand and E-commerce Platform

Brand Identity

From Local to National

After learning more about the brand, Commence got to work creating a brand that fit their evolving ethos. With the slogan “Happy People Happy World” in mind, we created an earthy logo that embraces the organic forms of mushrooms by connecting two mushrooms and a smile. Their new brand identity focuses on the happiness and wellness benefits that their products elicit. 

Packaging Design

Selling Through Packaging

Our packaging solutions sought to differentiate them from competitors. Where others went with a clinical approach, our designs are earthy, just like the wild foraged ingredients in Happy Mushroom Co’s products. Also, each unique package highlights the benefits of mushroom supplements and specifically 100% fruiting bodies. 

E-commerce Website

Launching an Online Presence

Commence Studio built a comprehensive e-commerce website using the Shopify Basic platform with the Praise theme. The website includes:

  • Collections by Wellness Routine: Provides customers with clarity and easy filtering options.
  • Educational Content: Features product explanations and benefits.
  • About Us Page: Highlights the company’s ethos and commitment to quality, including purity testing information.

Shopify POS Integration

Seamless In-Person and Online Sales

We integrated Shopify POS to ensure that data from in-person sales at pop-up markets is tracked in one place along with online sales. This allows for effective retargeting with additional messaging, enhancing customer engagement and sales tracking.

"This is absolutely amazing!! We love it. Pretty much exactly what I wanted - except I couldn’t envision it until I saw this, well done!"

Walker Sauls – Founder

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