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Transforming to Home Means Nevada Co.: A Comprehensive Rebrand and Custom Shopify Theme

Reno eNVy, a beloved hyper-local brand, approached Commence Studio with a challenge: to elevate their brand from a city-centric identity to a state-wide phenomenon. The solution involved strategic rebranding, updated apparel, and a custom Shopify theme to create a shopping experience that resonates with all Nevadans and beyond.





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Creating a State-Wide Brand Identity from a City-Centric Root

Reno eNVy had been a hometown hero since 2005, with an identity closely tied to Reno. The challenge was to rebrand the company to Home Means Nevada Clothing Co., appealing to all Nevadans without alienating any region. The goal was to create a cohesive look and feel that represents the diverse landscapes and communities of Nevada while establishing a strong online presence for broader reach.


Developing a Unified Brand and Engaging Online Shopping Experience

Strategic and Creative Direction

Commence Studio focused on strategic and creative direction, drawing inspiration from Nevada’s diverse landscapes. We aimed to capture the essence of the state through hand-drawn images, custom lettering, and a rugged yet refined aesthetic. This new identity needed to resonate with all Nevadans, from the neon lights of Las Vegas to the serene deserts and mountains.

Brand Identity and Visual Narrative

We crafted a visual narrative that reflects Nevada’s natural beauty and diverse culture. The new brand identity includes various brandmarks used across products, websites, in-store/event materials, and advertisements. The cohesive design ensures a consistent and appealing look in all applications.

Product Photography and Visual Appeal

To showcase the new apparel, we conducted a photoshoot in the Nevada desert, capturing the clothing in its natural inspiration. The visuals are crucial for online appeal, and our approach ensured that the products looked enticing and authentic.

Custom Shopify Theme

We developed a custom Shopify theme that creates an engaging online shopping experience. The new site includes features like intuitive product filtering, detailed product pages, and a comprehensive cart system. The design elements carry the brand’s new visual identity, creating familiarity and trust.

Enhanced Online Presence

Understanding the importance of online sales, we designed the website to attract and retain customers. The site’s visual appeal and user-friendly interface encourage customers to explore and make purchases. We also created a teaser landing page to generate excitement before the full site launch.


The transformation from Reno eNVy to Home Means Nevada Clothing Co. was met with enthusiastic support from the community. The rebrand successfully expanded the identity from a city-specific brand to a state-wide phenomenon. The new online shopping experience, powered by a custom Shopify theme, increased engagement and sales, positioning Home Means Nevada Clothing Co. as a beloved brand across Nevada.

The launch event and reception in Fall 2017 confirmed the brand’s success, with positive feedback highlighting the thoroughness and creativity of Commence Studio’s work. Home Means Nevada Clothing Co. now stands as a testament to Nevada’s beauty and diversity, appealing to all who call the Silver State home.

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