Branding a Death Metal Themed Shawarma Restaurant

Shawarmageddon is a quick-serve shawarma restaurant with a unique death metal theme. They partnered with Commence Studio to create a brand identity that not only delivered food that kills but also provided an experience that slays. The goal was to infuse the death metal aesthetic into every aspect of the restaurant’s branding, from the visuals to the social media presence.





Reno, NV USA


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Bringing a Death Metal Theme to Life

The challenge was to create a cohesive brand identity for Shawarmageddon that encapsulated the death metal theme while remaining approachable and engaging for customers. This involved developing a distinctive visual style, creating compelling content for social media, and ensuring that the overall experience resonated with both death metal fans and the general public.


Crafting an Immersive and Killer Brand Identity

Hand-Lettered Typography and Linework Illustrations

Infusing Authenticity and Edge Commence Studio created hand-lettered typography and detailed linework illustrations featuring skeletons, shawarma, and other death metal-inspired elements. These designs were used across various brand materials, ensuring a consistent and edgy look that captured the essence of Shawarmageddon.

Rocker-Inspired Branding

Connecting with Heavy Metal Stars The brand’s imagery and messaging were crafted to resonate with heavy metal stars and fans alike. We collaborated with some of our favorite heavy metal artists to bring authenticity to the brand, incorporating their feedback and styles into the designs.

Social Media Campaign

Delivering Laughs and Results To amplify Shawarmageddon’s brand presence, we developed a social media campaign that was as humorous as it was effective. The campaign featured a mix of engaging content, including memes, promotional videos, and interactive posts that captured the attention of followers and drove engagement. The result was a significant increase in social media followers and customer interaction.


Creating a Standout Experience

The comprehensive rebranding of Shawarmageddon resulted in a visually striking and memorable identity that stood out in the food and beverage industry. The hand-lettered typography, skeleton illustrations, and effective social media campaign created a unique dining experience that resonated with both death metal enthusiasts and casual diners.


The Shawarmageddon case study showcases the power of creative branding and strategic social media marketing in bringing a unique restaurant concept to life. Commence Studio’s innovative approach provided Shawarmageddon with a distinctive identity that captivated their target audience and set them apart in a competitive market.

"Commence Studio took our wild idea and made it a reality. The branding is killer, and the social media campaign has been a huge hit with our customers. We couldn’t be happier with the results!"

Duncan Mitchell – Founder

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