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Transforming a Consulting Firm’s Brand and Web Presence

Stonecipher Consulting Group, a strategic financial, operational, and management consultancy, partners with non-profit organizations in the cultural arts and education space. Commence Studio collaborated with Stonecipher to rebrand their company and develop a modern, fast website that aligns with their new vision.





Seattle, WA USA

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Rebranding to Reflect Trust and Expertise

Stonecipher Consulting’s previous branding lacked consistency and refinement, failing to connect with their ideal customers. The challenge was to create a cohesive brand identity that communicated their expertise and strategic use of data to attract high-quality clients in the cultural arts and education sectors.


Creating a Compelling Brand Identity and High-Performance Website

Brand Identity

Communicating Trust and Expertise Commence Studio developed a modern logo and cohesive brand identity for Stonecipher Consulting. The new design emphasized their strategic approach and expertise, using clean lines and sophisticated typography to convey trust and professionalism.

Scalable Brand Collateral

Consistent Presence Across All Touchpoints We created a comprehensive design system to ensure a consistent brand presence across all materials. This included presentations, data summary reports, letterhead, email signatures, and other collateral. The scalable design system made it easy for Stonecipher to prepare professional and cohesive assets, enhancing their ability to pitch to potential clients effectively.

Custom Website Design

A Website with a Story The custom website design by Commence Studio aimed to take visitors on a journey. Bold headlines and dynamic animations, such as a bar chart featuring rock climbers, told a visual story of business growth and success. These details illustrated how Stonecipher uses data to guide clients to greater achievements, creating an engaging and narrative-driven user experience.

Headless Website Development

Faster Than the Speed of Sound To balance speed and design, we developed the website using Sanity and React. This headless CMS approach ensured the site was not only beautiful but also incredibly fast.

Performance Metrics The website was tested with Lighthouse, achieving impressive scores: 95 in performance, 97 in accessibility, 100 in best practices, and 82 in SEO. With 53% of mobile visitors leaving if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds, these speed metrics were crucial for retaining users and enhancing their experience.


Enhancing Brand Perception and Market Reach

The new brand identity and high-performance website significantly improved Stonecipher Consulting’s market presence. The cohesive and professional branding, combined with a fast and engaging website, attracted high-quality clients and reinforced Stonecipher’s position as a trusted partner in the cultural arts and education sectors.


Driving Success Through Strategic Rebranding

The collaboration between Stonecipher Consulting and Commence Studio resulted in a strong and modern brand identity that resonates with their target audience. The new website’s speed and usability further supported Stonecipher’s mission, providing a seamless user experience that parallels their strategic consulting services.

"Commence Studio transformed our brand and website, perfectly capturing our vision and expertise. The new identity and site have significantly improved our client engagement and market presence."

Brenda Stonecipher – Principle

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