Gravallese Co.

Building a Men’s Grooming Brand and Shopify Store

Gravallese Co., a brand steeped in 100 years of barbering heritage, sought to create an organic brand narrative that honors their tradition while embracing modern advancements. Commence Studio partnered with Gravallese Co. to develop a visual identity, sustainable packaging, and a compelling digital storefront that reflects their dedication to craft and natural ingredients.





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Balancing Heritage and Sustainability

Gravallese Co. needed to build a brand that balances their rich barbering heritage with their commitment to sustainability and innovation. They required a visual identity that highlights their meticulous attention to detail and natural ingredients, as well as a digital storefront that replicates the welcoming and informative atmosphere of their flagship barber shop.


Sustainable Barber Brand

Brand Identity and Narrative

Commence Studio crafted an organic brand narrative and visual identity that honors Gravallese Co.’s 100-year barbering heritage. The brand identity reflects the meticulous attention to detail in their products, which are created by barbers for barbers and their clients.

Sustainable Packaging Design

In line with Gravallese Co.’s commitment to sustainability, we designed packaging that supports their efforts to create more sustainable and plant-based grooming products. The packaging highlights key natural ingredients and draws inspiration from stone masonry, showcasing the unity between rough and beauty.

Digital Storefront and Ecommerce

We implemented and themed the website using Shopify to create a digital storefront that is as welcoming, accessible, and informative as their physical shop. The website facilitates fast checkouts and drives sales, providing customers with an online experience that mirrors the charm of the flagship barber shop.

Illustration for Storytelling

To add personality and storytelling to the brand, we created fierce animal characters paired with raw expressions of the plant ingredients. These illustrations infuse the brand with a sense of wildness and natural beauty, resonating with the rugged yet refined ethos of Gravallese Co.

Product Photography and Families

Our product photography was inspired by the dedication to craft and the aesthetics of stone masonry. We created bright-yet-earthy colored labels and prominently displayed ingredients to make it easy for customers to find their desired products. Themed categories further enhanced the shopping experience, clearly distinguishing different product families.


Gravallese Co. successfully launched a brand that appeals to both barbers and non-barbers, those with and without beards. The new visual identity and sustainable packaging designs reflect their heritage and commitment to natural ingredients, while the digital storefront provides a seamless and engaging online shopping experience.

Commence Studio’s work ensured that Gravallese Co. stands out in the grooming industry, appealing to customers who value self-care and quality. The brand now speaks to the notion that looking your best is available to everyone, honoring tradition while advancing towards a sustainable future.

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