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Six-Figure Launch for Female-Lead Shoe Brand

She is Cheval, a women’s shoe designer committed to ethical and eco-friendly practices, was pivoting from wedding dresses to shoes. As a female-focused, and female-owned company, they needed a new online store with retail POS integration to support their pop-up events in New York City with the fast approaching holiday season.





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Pivoting Industry Vertical and Preparing for a Holiday Season Launch

In Q4 of 2022, She is Cheval was ready to launch its online business in the competitive shoe market. The company needed a robust e-commerce website that could handle the holiday season’s high traffic and sales volume. Additionally, the website required retail POS integration to support their pop-up events in New York City. The goal was to create an online store that not only stood out but also aligned with their commitment to responsible capitalism and eco-friendly practices.


Developing a Custom Shopify Website with Retail POS Integration

Shopify Website & Customizations

Commence Studio developed a 3rd party Shopify theme tailored to She is Cheval’s needs. The website included features perfect for showcasing their small-batch, designer shoes. Customizations were made to ensure the site stood out in the competitive market and provided a seamless shopping experience.

Retail POS Integration

To support She is Cheval’s pop-up events in New York City, we integrated a retail POS system with their Shopify store. This integration allowed for smooth transactions and inventory management during pop-up events, ensuring a consistent customer experience both online and offline.

Email Marketing Strategy

We implemented a comprehensive email marketing strategy using Klaviyo to capitalize on holiday shoppers. This included:

  • Custom email template design
  • Landing page with email signup
  • Welcome flow with split for new customers
  • Abandoned cart flow
  • Thank-you flow
  • Reviews collection
  • Content calendar
  • SMS promo support


Successful Launch and Impressive Sales Performance

Thanks to Commence Studio’s efforts, She is Cheval’s Shopify store launched successfully in October 2022, leading to a six-figure launch during the holiday season. The Klaviyo email marketing strategy proved highly effective, securing 50% of their overall revenue via email and accounting for over 25% of their revenue during the peak season through automated emails.

The seamless integration of the retail POS system facilitated successful pop-up events in New York City, further enhancing She is Cheval’s market presence and customer engagement. The combination of a robust e-commerce website, strategic email marketing, and efficient POS integration positioned She is Cheval for sustained growth and success in the competitive shoe market.

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