French Gourmet

B2B Web Design and Brand Support for International Pastry Manufacturer

French Gourmet provides high-quality dough and pastries to businesses across the world with consistent flavor. Commence Studio modernized their website with a focus on fast-loading pages with a luxurious feel and accessible product information for B2B customers. Continuous support of the brand was provided on sales collateral, design systems, brochure design and on-site product photography which helped elevate the buyers experience.





Reno, NV


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Frozen in time

French Gourmet, a provider of high-quality dough and pastries to businesses worldwide, sought to enhance their brand presence, streamline their sales collateral, and modernize their web design to create a luxurious, fast-loading, and informative shopping experience for B2B customers. They needed comprehensive support across multiple design and marketing disciplines to maintain consistency and drive conversions.


Butter 'em up

Modernized Web Design

Commence Studio redesigned French Gourmet’s website with a focus on fast-loading pages and a luxurious feel. The new design effectively showcases product information, facilitating a seamless shopping experience for B2B customers. The site is optimized for mobile, ensuring accessibility and ease of use across all devices.

Brand Support and Sales Collateral

We provided continuous brand support to maintain French Gourmet’s high-quality brand impression. This included designing brochures and other sales collateral that highlight the consistent flavor and quality of their products. Our team ensured that all materials align with the luxurious feel of the brand.

Design Systems

To ensure consistency across all platforms, we developed a cohesive design system for French Gourmet. This system includes guidelines for typography, color schemes, and visual elements, ensuring a unified brand presence in all communications and marketing efforts.

Product & Food Photography

Our on-site product photography sessions captured the essence of French Gourmet’s high-quality dough and pastries. These images were used across the website and sales collateral to elevate the visual appeal and provide an enticing look at the products.

Marketing Support

Commence Studio partnered with French Gourmet to develop and implement marketing strategies that drive engagement and conversions. This included creating content for digital marketing campaigns, optimizing SEO, and managing social media presence to reach a broader audience.


The continuous brand support and comprehensive design solutions provided by Commence Studio have significantly enhanced French Gourmet’s overall brand impression. The modernized website and high-quality sales collateral have improved the shopping experience, leading to better-qualified leads and increased conversions. The cohesive design system and professional product photography have solidified French Gourmet’s position as a leader in the global B2B frozen dough manufacturer.

"Our overall brand impression has improved so much since the launch of our new site."

Chris de Roulet – CMO


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