6-Figure Launch for Female-Lead Shoe Brand

She is Cheval

6-Figure Launch for Female-Lead Shoe Brand

She is Cheval is a women's shoe designer that believes in responsible capitalism. They are female-focused, female-founded, and female-owned, actively working to improve the world. They pride themselves on their commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices.

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The Problem

Holiday Season Launch

In Q4 of 2022, She is Cheval was ready to launch its online business. Q4 is one of the busiest times for e-commerce businesses, so our work was cut out for us. They needed a robust e-commerce website with customizations to stand out in a competitive market.

The Solution

Shopify Website & Klaviyo Management

She is Cheval was ready to sell their small-batch, designer shoes in October of 2022. Armed with an engaged Instagram following, we developed a 3rd party Shopify theme and customized it with features perfect for She is Cheval. To support the launch and capitalize on holiday shoppers, we implemented a comprehensive email marketing strategy that included a custom email template design, a landing page with email signup, a welcome flow, a split for new customers, an abandoned cart flow, a thank-you flow, and reviews. Commence also created a content calendar and provided SMS promo support.

The Results (October - December):

Thanks to Commence's efforts, She is Cheval Shopify store impressed followers and led them to a 6-figure launch. In the months following, our Klaviyo strategy secured 50% of their overall revenue via email, and automated emails accounted for over 25% of their revenue during the peak season.

Ecommerce Tools

Shopify + Klavyio = Success

Our e-commerce website development and Klaviyo email management strategy helped She is Cheval achieve a successful launch and drive significant revenue during the peak holiday season. Commence helped She is Cheval stand out in a competitive market and achieve their business objectives.

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