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Today’s consumers are scary-savvy (hey, we were all thinking it). They’ve seen it all. They expect the best. And they judge your brand within a split second of interacting with it. How your brand makes them feel plays a key role in their decision to play ball. Here’s where we step up to the plate, deliver a signature look and feel that embodies your values, and create a cult-like following for that epic business of yours.


You don’t just need a brand. You need an iconic identity.

Any branding agency worth its salt will tell you: the most effective brands dive deeper than surface-level aesthetics. We’re talking way deeper. A great brand isn’t just the face of your company. It’s the personality behind it. It communicates who you are, what you stand for, and the value you bring to consumers’ lives. Our brand strategy experts ensure there’s humanity and intention behind every last element that makes up your brand. Because branding that turns heads is a start. But an identity that evokes emotions, captures imaginations, and inspires action is what creates true staying power. And we happen to think you deserve the latter.

Let’s do the damn thing
Brand Strategy

This is where we get to know you (and, more importantly, where you get to know yourself as a brand). When we’re done, we’ll have a gameplan for how to express your brand going forward.

Brand Identity

This is where we take your brand and give it your signature look and feel across all mediums so you can start making a dent in that universe of yours.

Brand Positioning

We make sure brand that knows who it is, what it stands for, and why. Your brand positioning establishes solidarity in your organization and leaves a lasting impression in the marketplace. Some people want to work for their company in 10 years, run their company, or sell their company in 10 years, we'll lose sleep researching the best position possible to move forward.

Experience Design

Making magic happen is something we don’t take lightly. We look to arouse as many senses as we can from your visitors so your event becomes a memorable event they speak of far and wide.

Creative Direction

Tactically and tastefully providing creative concept, direction, management, and overview of one or more projects - Commence has a multifaceted skillset and process of keeping things fresh & updated

Tell ‘em what they get, Johnny!

An iconic identity that is researched, informed and inspired—plus perfectly organized files you can actually use? Score.

Let’s do the damn thing