Modern Logo and Headless Website Development

Stonecipher Consulting

Modern Logo and Headless Website Development

Stonecipher Consulting Group is a strategic financial, operational, and management consultancy partnering with non-profit organizations in the cultural arts and education space.

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Stonecipher logo design created by Commence Studio
Trust & Expertise

Communicating a Strong Identity

Stonecipher approached Commence to help them rebrand their company to match their new vision. Their old branding lacked consistency and refinement and wasn't connecting with their ideal customers. They wanted to show their expertise through design with an emphasis on using data to attract high-quality clients.

Stonecipher consulting logo
Stonecipher Logo Mark designed by Commence Studio
Consistent Presence

Scalable Brand Collateral

In addition to a brand identity, Stonecipher needed supporting brand material that would help them pitch potential clients while keeping their presence consistent through their many touch points. The design systems we built made preparing assets like presentations, data summary reports, letterhead, email signatures, and a website an easy process.

Website with a Story

When our designers created this custom website design, they wanted to take visitors on a journey. The bold headlines act as a storytelling feature, reciting mantras that the company believes in. The first animation of a bar chart shows the journey of leveling up a business while featuring rock climbers reaching for new heights. The little details on this website tell a story - that parallels how Stoncipher uses data to help guide their clients on a journey to a more successful business.

Stonecipher homepage design
Stonecipher solutions and services web page
Stonecipher team web page on desktop
Headless Website Development

Faster than the speed of sound

Speed and design are sometimes mutually exclusive. Not in this case. We developed a custom website design using Sanity and React to create a site that is beautiful and fast.

How fast?

We put the website into Lighthouse to test its speed and usability, and it scored 95 in performance, 97 in accessibility, 100 in best practices, and 82 in SEO. In a world where 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds - speed is of utmost importance.

Branding & Website Design

Our team is ready to help you build a brand that communicates clearly and attracts the customers that you want. Work with us to create a website that captures leads and builds an online presence that works for you.