Death Wish Shopify Website Migration

Death Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish Shopify Website Migration

Death Wish Coffee Co. leads with an alternative point of view, providing bold, smooth cups of coffee to their people. They find fresh ways to enjoy coffee and foster community along the way. They're all about disrupting the status quo which you can see in their edgy, sarcastic content. They live to rebel against blah beans—and a boring, lackluster life.

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How it started

In July 2021, Death Wish's previous web development partner dismantled their development team right after they launched their new website. Unfortunately, this left them in a tough spot and they needed a new team to help them transition their subscriptions and to help with some other technical issues and backend tasks involved in the migration.

Phone mockups of deathwish coffees website by commence studio
The Goal

Generate sales and migrate customers easily

Their primary goals were to generate sales: core coffee products, merchandise, and a subscription service. As a D2C brand focusing on online transactions and customer subscriptions any down time could cost the company revenue. Their Shopify Store has a customer portal that had to match their brand aesthetic and established UX.

Commence started by completing a comprehensive, full-site audit that provided details on SEO rankings, competitors’ performance, and potential optimizations for site speed and enhanced functionality. This information was used by Death Wish to set benchmarks for the project's CRO goals.In the end,

Commence needed to migrate tens of thousands of customers to the new subscription platform with minimal errors while locating and fixing bugs on the back end.

The Results

Former e-commerce director and the current director of acquisitions for Death Wish Coffee Company said this:

"Commence facilitated a seamless transition. In fact, most of our customers were completely unaware of the change... After the second quarter of 2022, we have sales value we can recoup from site fixes when we make them. This return on our investment — Commence making these fixes — is our biggest metric."

Death Wish's current subscription platform was creating a large number of issues resulting in a 50% loss of potential subscribers. Their expectation was to see around 2,000 errors to be fixed.

"But after testing, there were only a few left, and that’s all due to Commence’s thoroughness. Since the launch of this new subscription platform, we’ve finally seen an increase in subscribers... It’s like magic."

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