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Rebranding Alaskan Kelp Based Foods With Scalable Packaging





Juneau, AK

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Barnacle Foods needed a cohesive and scalable brand identity that would reflect their commitment to sustainability and their unique Alaskan heritage. They required a new logo, a unified packaging system, and a robust ecommerce website to enhance their market presence and support their growing product line.


Purpose-Driven Branding and Ecommerce

Brandmark Development

Commence designers created a new logo that embodies Barnacle Foods’ ethos and offers a scalable design system. The organically recognizable mark reflects the company culture and sustainability focus.

Packaging Design

The collaboration with the founders led to the creation of a unified family of packaging that showcases their quirky personalities and culinary creativity. The design system, developed for all 16 core products, features custom illustrations of characters, Alaskan landscapes, and signature ingredients.


The initial project began in 2019 with the design of a label for Bullwhip Hot Sauce, featuring a salty sea-woman and the Bullwhip Kelp ingredient. The success of this design led to the development of a flexible, consistent system with unique illustrations for each product, building the brand narrative and engaging customers.

Shopify Customization

Commence designers and developers built an ecommerce website that highlights the new brand identity, enhances search visibility, and improves the shopping experience. The website includes in-depth landing pages about kelp farming, the brand story, and a streamlined shopping experience for customers.


The rebranding project provided Barnacle Foods with a highly recognizable identity that supports their mission of sustainability, exploration, and environmental consciousness. The scalable packaging and enhanced ecommerce platform set them up for future growth and success on national scale.

"The new brand identity is highly recognizeable and sets Barnacle Foods up to scale with sustainability, exploration, and environmental consciousness at the forefront."

Lia Heifetz – Founder

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