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Positioning a New Brand in a Competitive Market

Tea Queen aimed to carve out a niche in the premium tea market, which required a brand identity that communicated elegance and tradition. The challenge was to develop a refined and high-end brand that stood out in the competitive national retail space. The branding needed to appeal to discerning tea consumers who value quality and sophistication in their tea experience.


Developing an Elegant and Refined Brand Identity

Market Research and Brand Strategy

Understanding the Market and Consumer Preferences Commence Studio conducted comprehensive market research to understand the competitive landscape and consumer preferences in the premium tea market. This research informed our brand strategy, which focused on positioning Tea Queen as a luxury brand with a nod to tradition and an emphasis on elegance and quality.

Brand Identity

Elegant and Sophisticated Design We developed a brand identity for Tea Queen that embodies elegance and refinement. The logo features a sophisticated typeface paired with a regal crown emblem, symbolizing the premium quality and royal heritage of the brand. The color palette includes rich golds and deep greens, reflecting the luxury and natural purity of Tea Queen’s products.

Packaging Design

High-End and Traditional The packaging design for Tea Queen’s loose-leaf and bagged teas was created to convey a sense of luxury and tradition. The designs incorporate intricate patterns and elegant typography, with a focus on clean lines and a refined aesthetic. Each package highlights the origin and quality of the tea, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to premium products. The packaging was designed to be eye-catching on retail shelves, appealing to consumers seeking a high-end tea experience.

Sales Collateral

Sophisticated and Informative Materials We designed a suite of sales collateral, including brochures, product catalogs, and point-of-sale displays, that reflected the elegance of the Tea Queen brand. These materials were created to provide detailed information about the products and the brand’s heritage, making it easier for retailers and consumers to understand the unique value of Tea Queen’s offerings. The sales collateral helped to establish Tea Queen as a credible and desirable brand in the premium tea market.


A Refined and Distinctive Brand Presence

The new brand identity successfully positioned Tea Queen as a high-end, elegant tea manufacturer in the competitive national retail market. The sophisticated packaging and sales collateral enhanced the brand’s appeal to discerning consumers, and the comprehensive market research and strategy provided a strong foundation for future growth. Tea Queen’s refined and traditional aesthetic set it apart from competitors, establishing it as a leader in the premium tea segment.

"Commence Studio brought our vision to life with an elegant brand that truly captures the essence of Tea Queen."

Lisa Parianos – Founder

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