Rebranding a B2B Messaging Startup

MessageDesk, a connection-driven messaging company servicing small businesses and teams, approached Commence Studio to redesign their brand identity, website, strategy, and illustrations. Based in Reno, NV, MessageDesk sought to clarify their services and enhance their brand presence.





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Creating a Distinct Brand Identity and User-Centric Website

MessageDesk needed a brand identity that clearly communicated their messaging services and appealed to a diverse client base, including small-to-medium businesses. They also required a strategic, user-focused website that could grow with their company and serve as a resource for business operators.


Developing a Cohesive Brand Identity and Dynamic Online Presence

Logo and Brand Narrative

A New Logo to Clearly Represent Messaging Services Commence Studio collaborated closely with founders Clint and Cory Vernon, and Kyle Kuczynski to design a logo that clearly represents MessageDesk’s messaging services. The new visual identity ensures that customers and stakeholders immediately understand the company’s offerings.

Building a Brand Narrative Mobile phones have revolutionized communication, and MessageDesk turns text messaging into a business asset. Commence Studio highlighted this purpose in the brand narrative, emphasizing the value of effective communication for business operators.


Supporting Messaging with Inclusive Visuals To cater to the diverse range of small-to-medium businesses, Commence Studio created an expansive illustration library. These illustrations, part of a flexible design system, visually express MessageDesk’s service offerings and client base, from doctors to plumbers to business executives.

Web Design and Strategy

User-Focused Web Design Commence Studio’s digital design team conducted evaluations of the existing MessageDesk website, leveraging data-driven insights and user experiences. The new design addresses previous issues and introduces new functionalities, ensuring the website can grow with the company.

Comprehensive Components MessageDesk provides resources such as guides and sales advice for small businesses. Commence Studio designed scalable components to make these resources easily accessible.

Team Portraits and Branding Elements

Connecting with Clients through Team Portraits To complement the new brand and enhance their online presence, Commence Studio’s creative director and photographer produced headshots and team portraits. These images showcase the personalities and professionalism of the MessageDesk team.

Consistent Branding Across All Touchpoints From email signatures to app icons, Commence Studio designed and implemented graphics that ensure a consistent brand experience. Transitioning to a new brand can be daunting, but Commence Studio provided support throughout the process.


Enhanced Brand Presence and User Experience

The rebranding and design solutions provided by Commence Studio significantly elevated MessageDesk’s professional presence. The new brand identity, inclusive illustrations, and user-focused website have received positive feedback, enhancing their visibility at expos and in communications.

By creating a cohesive and dynamic online presence, Commence Studio positioned MessageDesk for growth, ensuring they can effectively serve their diverse client base and continue to thrive in the B2B messaging industry.

"The new brand identity and illustration assets have brought our professional pressence to the next level. We get many compliments at expos and in emails."

Kyle Kuczynski – CMO

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