FitLab Strong

Building a Scalable Identity for Regional Growth

FitLab Strong, a franchise startup gym and fitness studio, needed a new identity to scale regionally in Northern California. Commence Studio partnered with FitLab Strong to develop a strong and bold identity system that increased memberships and recurring revenue through the new brand.





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Creating a Scalable and Inclusive Brand Identity

FitLab Strong aimed to expand its presence regionally, requiring a brand identity that could resonate with a diverse community and support their growth ambitions. The challenge was to design a cohesive identity that conveyed strength, inclusivity, and a welcoming atmosphere, while also being scalable for multiple locations.


Developing a Strong Brand Identity and Marketing Strategy

Brand Mark

Symbolizing Motion and Recognition Commence Studio designed a monogram brand mark that symbolizes swiftness of motion and brings recognition to FitLab Strong’s namesake. The mark reflects the gym’s dynamic and energetic environment, appealing to fitness enthusiasts.

Brand Narrative and Taglines

Fitness For All Collaborating closely with the owner, Valerie, Commence Studio developed a set of taglines and imagery that highlight FitLab Strong’s expertise in fitness and commitment to inclusivity. The brand narrative emphasizes a welcoming atmosphere and the gym’s dedication to helping members achieve their fitness goals.

Color Palette

Warm and Welcoming We used a simple yet bright color palette to instill a warm and welcoming nature in the gym’s identity. The colors were chosen to create an inviting environment that encourages people to come in and work out.

Signage and Corporate Collateral

Inspiring Community and Strength FitLab Strong’s goal is to cultivate an atmosphere that inspires people to get stronger together. We created a flexible design system utilizing bold typography to communicate brand messaging and wayfinding throughout the gym. The signage and corporate collateral were designed to reinforce the gym’s identity and enhance the member experience.


Increasing Memberships and Recurring Revenue

The new brand identity developed by Commence Studio significantly boosted FitLab Strong’s market presence. The strong and cohesive identity system attracted more members and increased recurring revenue. The inclusive and welcoming brand narrative resonated with the community, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment among gym-goers.


Successful Regional Expansion and Brand Recognition

FitLab Strong’s new identity enabled the gym to scale regionally across Northern California. The consistent and bold branding not only increased memberships but also strengthened the gym’s market position. The flexible design system allowed for seamless application across multiple locations, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.


Empowering Growth Through Strategic Branding

The FitLab Strong case study demonstrates how strategic branding can drive regional growth and enhance community engagement. Commence Studio’s comprehensive branding solutions provided FitLab Strong with a scalable identity that increased memberships and recurring revenue, setting the foundation for continued success in the fitness industry.

"The new brand identity has truly transformed our gym. We’ve seen a significant increase in memberships and our members love the welcoming atmosphere. Commence Studio’s work has set us up for successful regional expansion."

Valerie – CEO/Founder

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