Rebranding a B2B Messaging Startup


Rebranding a B2B Messaging Startup

MessageDesk is a connection-driven messaging company servicing small businesses and teams based in Reno, NV.

 The company came to us for the redesign of their brand identity, website design, strategy, and illustrations.

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MessageDesk video
Woman holding megaphone illustration
Business owner photos
So, it's a messaging application?

A new logo to make that clear

The Commence designers worked closely with founders Clint and Cory Vernon, and Kyle Kuczynski to create the new visual representation of their brand so customers and stakeholders would make no mistake for what type of services they provide.

MessageDesk logo animation

Building a brand narrative Say what you mean, not just what you do

Mobile phones have drastically changed how we communicate with loved ones, but also how we connect to businesses. MessageDesk turns text messaging into an asset for business operators, and Commence brought that purpose to the forefront of their brand.

Illustration of a woman sitting at a desk holding a phone
Doctors and plumbers and business executives

Illustrations to support messaging

Small-to-medium businesses are a diverse crowd, and MessageDesk provides service-based solutions unique to them. The Commence designers and illustrators created an expansive and inclusive illustration library, apart of their flexible design system, to visually express their service offerings and client-base.

Messaging and business illustrated icon set

“The new brand identity and illustration assets have brought our professional pressence to the next level. We get many compliments at expos and in emails.”

Strategic web design

Putting more focus on user solutions

After meeting with MessageDesk, the Commence digital design team ran evaluations of their website to gain knowledge from data-driven insights and varying user experiences. From there, the design was built with goals in mind to not only alleviate issues from their previous site, but give new functionalities for a website that will grow easily with their company.

Web UI navigation menu design

Comprehensive components

MessageDesk also acts as a resource to small business with guides and sales advice. Commence designed components that make them easily accessible and scalable.

Web user interface pop out section
Web user interface card design
Mobile user interface design
Business team photo
Corporate headshots
Business headshots
The friendly faces behind the screen

Team portraits that connect with clients

To compliment the new brand and elevate their presence on the internet, the Commence creative director and photographer produced headshots and team portraits of the MessageDesk team that show their personalities and professionalism.

Shall every interaction, be a branded one

From the subtle email signature, to the app icon, the Commence team designed the graphics and supported their implementation. Transitioning into a new brand can be daunting, but we’re here to help.

Mobile app icon design mockup
Logo letterhead, business cards, and application design mockup
Corporate business card designs