Retro Rocket Coffee

Launching a Stellar Brand and Online Store Experience

RetroRocket Coffee is a purely web-based coffee brand that takes inspiration from mid-century space exploration. Commence Studio partnered with RetroRocket Coffee to create a comprehensive brand identity, unique packaging, and an engaging Shopify website that encapsulates the excitement and nostalgia of space travel.





Reno, NV USA

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Creating a Distinct and Cohesive Online Coffee Brand

RetroRocket Coffee needed a distinct and cohesive brand identity that captured the essence of mid-century space exploration. The challenge was to design a logo, color palette, packaging, and website that not only conveyed this theme but also provided a seamless and intuitive user experience for coffee lovers. Additionally, the brand required a robust subscription system to enhance customer convenience and retention.


Building a Stellar Brand and Engaging Online Experience

Logo and Color Palette

Throwing it Back: The RetroRocket Coffee Logo The RetroRocket Coffee logo was designed to evoke the nostalgia and excitement of mid-century space travel. It serves as a reminder to launch our day with gusto and enjoy more coffee as we come back down to Earth.

The Impression of Color Inspired by the Tarantula Nebula and mid-century design, the color palette features contrasting warm and cool tones. These colors create a lasting feeling of wonder and nostalgia, perfectly aligning with the brand’s space theme.

Packaging Design

Out of this World Experience We extended the space theme across every unique coffee label, featuring elements like futuristic lamps and UFOs. Each label includes pro tips, snazzy hints, and an intriguing company summary, making the packaging truly stand out.

Don’t Just Drink It, Sport It To complement the coffee products, we designed branded t-shirts and galactic mugs, allowing customers to proudly represent RetroRocket Coffee.

Web Design and eCommerce

Vast and Encompassing The RetroRocket Coffee website offers a comprehensive and engaging user experience. It features a rotating product display, a Rocket Tunes playlist section, and in-depth product pages. The site is designed to take users on an endless exploration of the brand and its offerings.

Coffee Subscription System We introduced a subscription system that allows customers to set up to four coffee subscriptions simultaneously. Users can skip orders, change payment methods, view delivery dates, and access their purchase history with ease.

Mobile-Friendly Experience Ordering from a mobile device is straightforward and convenient. Customers can select their favorite coffee flavors, quantity, and delivery frequency, ensuring a seamless coffee supply.

Educational Content

Become an Expert We created a dedicated page for coffee and brewing tips, helping customers become coffee experts. Each brew guide includes equipment, grind size, brew ratio, and step-by-step instructions.


The comprehensive branding, packaging, and web design solutions provided by Commence Studio have successfully launched RetroRocket Coffee into the online coffee market. The distinct mid-century space theme, combined with user-friendly features and engaging content, has created a memorable and enjoyable experience for coffee lovers. The subscription system and mobile-friendly design have further enhanced customer convenience and retention, establishing RetroRocket Coffee as a standout brand in the industry.

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