Forsaken River Distilling

Elevating a Micro-Distillery to National Distribution

We like a good whiskey, especially when it’s smoked and made of the finest quality ingredients just down the way from our Reno studio. Forsaken River Distilling, known for their Rye Patch Whiskey and coffee flavored Vodkas, partnered with Commence Studio to revive their brand with a new visual identity and a family of packaging, including wood veneer engraved labels.




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2018 AAF Regional ADDYs - Gold - Packaging Campaign


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Overcoming Distribution Challenges for a Micro-Distillery

Forsaken River Distilling was struggling to secure distribution for their products due to lackluster packaging and their status as a micro-distillery. The challenge was to rebrand the distillery and redesign their packaging to attract distributors and expand their market reach.


Revamping the Brand and Packaging for National Appeal

Brand Identity

A Bold New Visual Identity Commence Studio created a bold new visual identity for Forsaken River Distilling, focusing on the quality and craftsmanship of their products. The new identity emphasized the artisanal nature of their whiskey and highlighted the unique, smoked flavor that sets them apart from competitors.

Packaging Design

Wood Veneer Engraved Labels To elevate the packaging, we designed wood veneer engraved labels for Rye Patch Whiskey. This unique approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the bottles but also conveyed a sense of premium quality and authenticity. The engraved wood labels reflected the brand’s commitment to using the finest ingredients and traditional distilling methods.


Expanding Distribution and Market Reach

The rebranding and redesigned packaging significantly improved Forsaken River Distilling’s market presence. The new packaging design attracted the attention of distributors, leading to the expansion of their sales channels to 16 states. This increased distribution helped Forsaken River Distilling reach a broader customer base and grow their national presence.


Award-Winning Design and National Recognition

The collaboration between Forsaken River Distilling and Commence Studio resulted in an award-winning packaging campaign. The new brand identity and packaging design not only garnered industry recognition but also played a crucial role in expanding the distillery’s distribution network.


Driving Growth Through Strategic Design

The Forsaken River Distilling case study demonstrates the power of strategic branding and packaging design in overcoming distribution challenges and achieving national growth. Commence Studio’s innovative solutions provided Forsaken River Distilling with a compelling new identity and packaging that significantly enhanced their market presence and distribution reach.

"The rebranding and new packaging have transformed our business. We’ve been able to expand our distribution to 16 states and reach a national audience. The wood veneer labels are a hit, and we’re thrilled with the response from both distributors and customers."

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