The Sea View Inn

Rebranding a Seaside Gem in Manhattan Beach

The Sea View Inn, a charming hotel nestled in the beaches of southern California, partnered with Commence Studio to refresh its dated identity. The goal was to stand out in a “sea of sameness” and reposition the inn as a modern, hip, and vintage contemporary seaside motel.





Manhattan Beach, CA USA


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Breaking Free from a Dated Identity

Sea View Inn faced the challenge of a dated identity that failed to capture the vibrant and laid-back beach atmosphere of Manhattan Beach. The existing branding did not differentiate the inn from its competitors, making it difficult to attract new guests. The challenge was to create a fresh, modern identity that embodied the local beach culture and appealed to both visitors and locals.


Crafting a Modern and Hip Seaside Identity

Crafting a Modern and Hip Seaside Identity

Brand Identity and Illustrations

Capturing the Laid-Back Beach Feeling Commence Studio developed a new brand identity for Sea View Inn that blends modern, hip elements with vintage contemporary vibes. The design aimed to capture the relaxed beach culture of Manhattan Beach. Illustrations were created to reflect the seaside location, featuring beach scenes, surfboards, and local landmarks. This visual approach brought a playful and inviting feel to the brand.

Numeral Design for Rooms

Giving Each Room Personality To add a unique touch, we designed custom numerals for the rooms, each with its own personality. This not only made the rooms easier to identify but also added to the overall charm and character of the inn. The numeral designs were integrated with the overall brand theme, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

Web Design

Encouraging Visitors to Live Like Locals The new website was designed to encourage visitors to experience Manhattan Beach like locals. The layout was user-friendly, featuring bold imagery and engaging content that highlighted the inn’s amenities and the local attractions. The website also included easy booking options and detailed information about the rooms, making it convenient for guests to plan their stay.


Increased Bookings and Enhanced Guest Experience

The new brand identity and website led to an increase in bookings and positive feedback from guests. The modern, hip, and vintage contemporary look resonated with visitors, making Sea View Inn a preferred choice for those seeking a laid-back beach getaway.

"The rebranding has transformed our inn. We now have a unique identity that truly captures the essence of Manhattan Beach. Guests love the new look, and our bookings have increased significantly. Commence Studio did an incredible job!"

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