Gravallese Co.

Italian Heritage Brand & Grooming Products

Gravallese Co. came to us to create their brand identity, packaging design, website, and product photography centered around the refinement of traditional grooming products and self-care. Winning best brand packaging awards regionally and nationally.




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Building a brand based on tradition and advancement

Gravallese Co. products are driven by 100 years of heritage in barbering, by barbers for both themselves and those in the chairs before them. For products created with meticulously researched natural ingredients, we built an organic brand narrative, and a visual identity that reflects attention to detail.

Steps towards sustainable packaging

Vinnie, the master barber, strives to do better; they’re making more sustainable & plant-based grooming products. Our packaging designs support that effort and highlight each of those key ingredients. The product photography was inspired by stone masonry, dedication to craft, and the unity between rough and beauty.

The digital storefront, ecommerce

The charm of the Gravallese Co. flagship barber shop isn’t limited to it’s in-person location. We implemented and themed the website to be just as welcoming, accessible, and informative as the shop experience. Utilizing Shopify for fast checkouts and driving sales, we were able to guide their team to launch and start selling online.

Illustration as information and inspiration

We add personality and storytelling by drawing fierce animal characters paired with raw expressions of the plant ingredients. Perhaps we’re all wild animals in need of a little grooming.

Creating product families

We made it clear for customers to find their desired product with bright-yet-earthy colored labels, prominantly displayed ingredients, and themed categories.

Gravallese Co is a brand that appeals to those with and without a beard. Barbers and non-barbers. Speaking the notion that self care and wanting to look your best is available for everyone.