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In Defense of the Ruby’s: Mural Design for Environmental Advocacy

Commence Studio partnered with Patagonia Action Works to create a compelling mural that spans three of Patagonia Reno’s vast windows. This project aimed to raise awareness about the fracking threat to Nevada’s Ruby Mountains, a landscape rich in natural beauty, recreational value, and cultural significance.





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Raising Awareness About Environmental Threats

The Ruby Mountains, a breathtaking and ecologically vital area, faced the threat of fracking that could damage its landscape and habitat. Our challenge was to design and implement a mural that would effectively convey the urgency of protecting this iconic region, leveraging Patagonia’s platform to amplify the message and engage the public.


Creating a Powerful Visual Statement for Environmental Advocacy

Mural Design

Imagery and Statements to Inspire Action Commence Studio designed a mural featuring vivid imagery and powerful statements chosen to highlight the importance of preserving the Ruby Mountains. The artwork not only emphasizes the natural beauty of the Rubies but also underscores their significance as Te-Moak ancestral homelands and a habitat for diverse wildlife.

Implementation Across Patagonia’s Windows The mural was strategically implemented across three of Patagonia’s expansive windows, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. The design seamlessly integrates with the brand’s aesthetic while standing out to passersby, drawing attention to the critical issue of fracking in the Ruby Mountains.


Amplifying Environmental Advocacy Through Art

By collaborating with Patagonia Action Works, Commence Studio aimed to leverage Patagonia’s immense following to make a significant impact. The mural serves as a visual rallying cry, encouraging the community to join the thousands who have already voiced their opposition to fracking in the Ruby Mountains.

Engaging the Community The mural’s strategic placement and compelling design captured the attention of Patagonia’s customers and the broader community, fostering greater awareness and engagement. The project underscores the power of art in environmental advocacy, using visual storytelling to inspire action and protect vital landscapes.


Protecting Nevada’s Ruby Mountains for Future Generations

The mural designed by Commence Studio has played a crucial role in raising awareness about the fracking threat to the Ruby Mountains. By bringing this issue to the forefront, we hope to contribute to the ongoing efforts to preserve this iconic landscape for future generations. The project highlights the importance of combining creative design with environmental activism, demonstrating how art can be a powerful tool for advocacy.

Client Testimonial “We stand with the thousands of people who have already raised their voices against destroying this iconic landscape. With Patagonia’s immense following and a little paint, we hope to make a big difference for the future of Nevada’s Ruby Mountains.”


Art as a Catalyst for Environmental Change

Working with Patagonia Action Works on this mural project has been a meaningful opportunity for Commence Studio to contribute to environmental advocacy. By using our creative skills to support a cause we are passionate about, we aim to make a lasting impact on the preservation of the Ruby Mountains and inspire others to join the fight for our planet’s future.

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