Black Rabbit Mead Co.

Down the Rabbit Hole Packaging Design

Black Rabbit Mead Co. partnered with us to create a brand identity and packaging system for their mead. Although their product is produced with honey, they make a significantly less sweet mead than other traditional varieties. It was a goal of ours to carry over this idea to a less sweet, more eerie, and regal look for their brand.





Reno, NV

Business type



Startup Meadery

They needed branding done. They initially approached Commence Studio because they wanted a logo, but they didn’t realize all that branding involved. Their company hadn’t even been founded, but they knew that the packaging was going to influence how people experienced the product. So, they reached out to Commence Studio to help them.

"Commence Studio produces tremendous work, and it feels like they are a part of our company. The way they were able to take our ideas and come up with a variety of different concepts was phenomenal. They are so patient and enthusiastic to explore what I want to explore, despite my pickiness. Collaborating with them has been a rare and incredible experience."

Will Truce – Founder


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