Home Means Nevada Clothing Co.

Born to be Dusty

Reno eNVy came to us with a challenge, how do you take a beloved hyper-local brand, and elevate it into a state-wide brand? The answer is rooted in strategy, updated apparel, and an overhauled online shopping experience that anyone— not just Nevadan’s, can be proud of.





United States



Reno eNVy has been a hometown hero of a brand to our little city since 2005 but also carries vibrations throughout our state.
With an established identity that was so initially tied to an individual city we had to overhaul to the look and feel of the entire brand. We focused on a Strategic as well as Creative Direction that pulled largely from the land around us and created a look and feel to set our sails and minds in the right direction for the years to come.
We started by creating a look for the identity and seeing how it would play out on products, on the web, and in various promotional applications.
With a state so diverse, we didn’t want to alienate one part of the state or another, we’d rather create a cohesive look that every Nevadan could find themselves relating to.
“We wrote the visual narrative behind this brand. Providing perspective and abstracting the land where I grew up was challenging for the whole team to let go of Northern Nevadan bias.”
Kylie Souza


With any fashion brand, you often have the brandmarks appearing in a multitude of ways.

Whether they’re screenprinted on tees, adding depth and detail to the website, in-store/event materials, print advertisements, or accompanied with photography, the various brandmarks used add a complexity and a feeling of cohesiveness throughout all materials.

When thinking of Nevada, two very different things come to mind.

The infamous “Welcome to Las Vegas” and “Biggest Little City” neon signs, surrounded by casinos, and the vast surroundings of beautiful landscapes, mountains, valleys, and deserts that take up much of the land around us.

For the sake of this project, we chose to focus on the latter. With hand-drawn images and illustrations, custom lettering, and a feeling of being a little rough around the edges — we aimed to capture this look and feel of the land around us and turn it into something that anyone would want to flaunt.

After the initial brand identity was approved for both print and digital, we moved on to prepare to unveil this new look to the world.
Visuals are key online. We, in fact, do judge a book by its cover. We like things that look good. And we can’t even begin to overhaul a line of apparel if it doesn’t look appealing. We headed out to the desert, and took over an abandoned gas station, donned some of the latest looks and apparel, and photographed the clothing right where the inspiration came from, the land itself.


The next big thing

While prepping for the debut of the new site launch, we created a landing page for those to enjoy, creating excitement for the curious.


The big thing
The brand formerly known as Reno eNVy has a storefront in Reno, Nevada. Shocker. But there is no existing storefront in anywhere else in the state. One hurdle was realizing just how crucial online sales are. If we’re to truly become a state-wide brand, we need to create a look and online shopping experience that not only speaks to its roots, but the entire State.


New store

By creating an online experience that makes people want to scroll through the site (and simple to add things to the cart) we are able to further establish value and trust as a brand. By carrying the little bits of dust, so to speak, across the web design, we’ve creating this familiarity throughout the website, furthering trust in HMNV Co.
“This is something that we’ve brought up before, its a huge step to move into a new world. Without the thoroughness of the L&M team, the brand may have very well not launched.”
Scott Dunseath
Owner – HMNV CO.
Stepping into a new future, working with HMNV Co. has been exciting and deeply gratifying
From expanding the story of a cherished local brand, and deeply furthering their apparel line and retail shop, to creating an enjoyable and modern online shopping experience. The new Home Means Nevada Co. brand officially launched Fall 2017, with the opening reception and brand unveiling met with enthusiastic support and confidence from the community.