Hey Hey’s Fried Chicken

Brand illustrations and identity for Reno Food Truck

Our friends at Hey Hey’s requested a brand identity that pops off the page and stood out from other food trucks in the market. They also needed a website that makes it easy for their customers to locate them and is simple enough to use while they’re standing in line waiting to order.





United States




Brand Assets

Inspired by the old west and traditional tattoos, Hey Hey’s brand identity included hand-drawn illustrations like cowboys, roses, chickens, and horses. These unique illustrations were set upon punchy backgrounds to make them stand out in a crowd of other food trucks. These iconic pieces support the overall brand identity that the client requested and helped them gain a cult-like following.


Illustration in Web Design

It’s important to translate a visual identity from the streets to a brand’s online presence. Hey Hey’s website was build on Sanity.io a content system that is easy to use and creates structrued content that is extremely customizable. It’s easy for the client to use and perfectly pairs with the illustrative design systems that Hey Hey’s is known for. Built with user experience in mind, we made it easy for customers to learn about the pop-up, see what’s on the menu today and to contact Hey Hey’s to see where they can find the amazing fried chicken recipe next. Quick and easy-to-use are essentials to a pop-up food truck experience like this one.

Food Truck Design

Food Truck events in Reno, Nevada are high traffic and a great opportunity to connect with customers but differentiating yourself from other trucks is essential to your success. We helped Hey Hey’s utilize its illustrative brand identity to grab patrons’ attention and encourage them to choose fried chicken over a plethora of options.