Hungry Devils

Crafting an Iconic Identity for a Greco-American Food Truck

Hungry Devils, a food truck offering handmade Greco-American food and baked goods in Reno, partnered with Commence Studio to create a striking visual identity. Our work included iconic food photography, illustrative identity, full tear sheet design, and food truck design to make Hungry Devils stand out in the competitive food truck market.





Reno, NV USA


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Developing a Unique and Memorable Brand Identity

Hungry Devils needed a distinctive brand identity to attract customers and differentiate themselves from other food trucks. They required a cohesive visual identity that included food photography, illustrations, and a full tear sheet design to promote their offerings and enhance their food truck’s appearance.


Creating an Engaging Visual Identity and Promotional Materials

Illustrative Identity

Crafting a Unique Visual Style Commence Studio developed an illustrative identity for Hungry Devils, incorporating elements that reflect their Greco-American culinary fusion. The illustrations combined traditional Greek motifs with contemporary American styles, creating a unique and memorable visual identity.

Food Photography

Iconic Food Photography We captured high-quality, iconic food photography to highlight Hungry Devils’ delicious offerings. The photographs focused on the vibrant colors and textures of their handmade dishes, making them visually appealing and enticing to potential customers.

Tear Sheet Design

Promoting Offerings with a Full Tear Sheet Commence Studio designed a full tear sheet that showcased Hungry Devils’ menu and unique culinary offerings. The tear sheet included the illustrative identity and food photography, providing a comprehensive overview of the food truck’s brand and menu.

Food Truck Design

Creating a Standout Food Truck We applied the illustrative identity and food photography to the design of the Hungry Devils food truck. The bold visuals and cohesive design ensured that the truck stood out in high-traffic events and attracted customers’ attention.


Enhanced Brand Recognition and Customer Attraction

The cohesive visual identity and promotional materials designed by Commence Studio significantly enhanced Hungry Devils’ brand recognition. The striking food photography and illustrative identity attracted more customers, helping the food truck stand out in the competitive market.


Increased Visibility and Customer Engagement

The new visual identity and promotional materials improved Hungry Devils’ market presence. The iconic food photography and engaging food truck design drew in more customers, facilitating better engagement and boosting sales.

"The new branding and design work by Commence Studio have been incredible. Our food truck looks amazing, and the food photography really showcases our dishes. Customers love the new look, and it’s helped us stand out in a busy market."

Owner / Chef

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