The San Franciscan Roaster Co.

Enhancing Brand Engagement For B2B Coffee Roaster Manufacturer

The San Franciscan Roaster Co., a leading coffee roaster manufacturer, partnered with Commence Studio to enhance their brand presence and engagement at trade shows. We provided comprehensive brand support, including photo and video content, sell sheets, and merchandise design, to help The San Franciscan Roaster Co. stand out in a competitive market and effectively communicate their product offerings.





Carson City, NV USA

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Enhancing Brand Visibility and Engagement at Trade Shows

The San Franciscan Roaster Co. needed to elevate their trade show presence to attract more potential customers and partners. The challenge was to create engaging and informative content that would capture the essence of their high-quality coffee roasters and appeal to a diverse audience. The goal was to produce materials that not only highlighted their products but also showcased their commitment to excellence in the coffee roasting industry.


Delivering Comprehensive Brand Support for Maximum Impact

Photo and Video Content

Showcasing Excellence Commence Studio produced high-quality photo and video content that highlighted the craftsmanship and performance of The San Franciscan Roaster Co.’s products. The visuals captured the intricate details and superior build of the coffee roasters, effectively showcasing their quality and functionality. The video content included product demonstrations, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes footage of the manufacturing process, providing potential customers with a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s offerings.

Sell Sheets

Informative and Engaging Materials We designed informative sell sheets that provided detailed information about The San Franciscan Roaster Co.’s products, including specifications, benefits, and unique selling points. The sell sheets were visually appealing and easy to read, making them effective tools for trade show attendees to quickly grasp the advantages of the products. These materials helped The San Franciscan Roaster Co. effectively communicate the value of their products to potential customers and partners.

Merchandise Design

Creating Memorable Takeaways To enhance brand visibility and create a lasting impression, we designed a range of branded merchandise for The San Franciscan Roaster Co. This included items such as t-shirts, caps, tote bags, and coffee mugs, all featuring the company’s logo and brand colors. The merchandise served as memorable takeaways for trade show attendees, helping to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty.


Increased Engagement and Brand Recognition

The comprehensive brand support provided by Commence Studio significantly enhanced The San Franciscan Roaster Co.’s presence at trade shows. The engaging photo and video content attracted attention and facilitated meaningful interactions with potential customers. The informative sell sheets effectively communicated the value of their products, while the branded merchandise created lasting impressions and increased brand recognition.

"The photo and video content, sell sheets, and merchandise have not only helped us attract more attention but also effectively communicate the quality of our products. "

Matthew Seawell – Product Engineer

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