Humble Coffee Roasters

Creating an Approachable Brand Identity for a Startup Micro-Roastery

Humble Coffee Roasters, a startup micro-roastery in Reno, NV, aimed to create a brand that was inviting and accessible, breaking away from the pretentious vibe often associated with specialty coffee. The founder’s vision was to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere where anyone could enjoy great coffee without the attitude. Commence Studio was tasked with developing a brand identity, packaging, and merchandise design that reflected this ethos.





Reno, NV USA

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Crafting an Inviting and Down-to-Earth Brand Identity

Humble Coffee Roasters needed a brand identity that communicated quality and passion for coffee without coming across as elitist or unapproachable. The challenge was to create a distinctive and memorable brand that would resonate with a diverse audience, from coffee enthusiasts to casual drinkers, while staying true to the founder’s vision of humility and accessibility.


Designing a Warm and Inclusive Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Inviting and Approachable Design

Commence Studio created a brand identity for Humble Coffee Roasters that emphasized warmth and approachability. The logo was designed with clean, simple lines and a friendly traditional font to convey a sense of humility and openness. The color palette included warm, earthy tones that reflected the natural and handcrafted nature of the coffee, further enhancing the approachable feel of the brand.

Packaging Design

Simple and Thoughtful Packaging

The packaging for Humble Coffee Roasters was designed to be both attractive and functional, without any pretentious elements. Each coffee bag featured minimalistic designs with hand-drawn illustrations and clear labeling to highlight the different coffee varieties and origins. The packaging included helpful brewing tips and tasting notes to make the coffee experience accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their coffee knowledge. A growler for cold brew also became an iconic staple of the brand.

Merchandise Design

Functional and Friendly Merch

We designed a range of merchandise that reflected the brand’s inclusive and welcoming personality. The merchandise, including t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags, featured the brand’s logo and playful, coffee-related illustrations. These items were designed to be practical and appealing, helping to build a sense of community and loyalty among customers.


A Welcoming Brand that Resonates with a Broad Audience

The new brand identity successfully positioned Humble Coffee Roasters as a friendly and approachable micro-roastery. The inviting logo, thoughtful packaging, and functional merchandise helped to attract a diverse customer base and foster a welcoming coffee culture. The brand stood out in the market as a down-to-earth alternative to more pretentious coffee shops, resonating with both seasoned coffee lovers and newcomers alike.

"Commence Studio perfectly captured the essence of what Humble Coffee Roasters is all about. The branding is welcoming and down-to-earth, just like we envisioned. Our customers love it, and it has really helped us connect with the community."

Carlos – Founder

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