Establishing a Strong Brand Identity for a Vehicle Ownership Solution

Pacecar, a startup focused on helping vehicle owners understand and reduce their total cost of ownership, partnered with Commence Studio to create a strong brand identity. Supported by Montage Ventures, a VC firm based in Menlo Park, Pacecar needed a solid brand mark, logo type, and comprehensive design systems to successfully enter the market.





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Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity for a New Market Entrant

Pacecar’s innovative business model aimed to assist vehicle owners by providing insights into their total cost of ownership beyond just the loan amount. This included optimizing insurance premiums and maintenance schedules. The challenge was to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity that clearly communicated Pacecar’s value proposition to potential customers and investors.


Developing a Strong Brand Mark, Logo Type, and Design Systems

Brand Mark and Logo Type

Solidifying the Visual Identity Commence Studio designed a distinctive brand mark and logo type for Pacecar. The brand mark symbolizes the holistic approach to vehicle ownership, incorporating elements that represent cost efficiency, maintenance, and insurance. The logo type complements the brand mark with a modern and clean font, ensuring a professional and approachable look.

Design Systems

Creating Comprehensive Design Systems for Market Entry We developed comprehensive design systems to ensure consistency across all of Pacecar’s marketing materials and touchpoints. This included color palettes, typography, iconography, and visual elements that align with Pacecar’s brand values and mission. The design systems provide a cohesive framework for all branding efforts, from digital platforms to print materials.

Visual Elements and Color Palette

Enhancing Brand Appeal A carefully chosen color palette was introduced to convey trust, reliability, and innovation. The palette features a mix of cool and warm tones that create a balanced and inviting look. Visual elements such as icons and illustrations were designed to support the brand narrative, making complex information easily digestible for customers.


Establishing a Strong Market Presence

The branding solutions provided by Commence Studio positioned Pacecar for a successful market entry. The solid brand mark and logo type created a memorable and professional image, while the comprehensive design systems ensured consistency and cohesiveness across all marketing channels.

Pacecar’s new brand identity effectively communicates its value proposition, helping vehicle owners understand and manage their total cost of ownership. The support from Montage Ventures and the strong brand foundation laid by Commence Studio have set Pacecar on a path to success in the automotive technology market.

The cohesive and professional branding has not only attracted potential customers but also garnered interest from industry stakeholders and investors, reinforcing Pacecar’s position as a promising new entrant in the automotive industry.

"Your squad is good at what they do! It was fast, and they responded to requests and changes quickly. I'm really happy with the result."

Casey Harmon – Founder/CEO

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