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Deso Supply Co. is an outdoor clothing company that thrives on the spirit of adventure and exploration. Commence Studio partnered with Deso Supply Co. to enhance their online shopping experience, focusing on mobile usability to better serve their customers and streamline internal processes.





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Build a Modern Mobile Storefront

Deso Supply Co. needed a new website theme that would improve the mobile shopping experience for their customers. The existing theme was not optimized for mobile users, which impacted the overall shopping experience and conversion rates. Additionally, the internal team required a more efficient system for managing products and collections on the backend.


Finding a North Star

Research and Theme Selection

Commence Studio conducted thorough research to identify three new themes that would better support mobile shoppers. After presenting these options to Deso Supply Co., we agreed on the best theme and began the process of creating an enhanced mobile-first ecommerce experience.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We established specific goals to measure the success of the new website over a six-month period:

  1. Increase the store’s conversion rate from 1.9% to 3%.
  2. Increase average monthly sales by 53% during peak shopping season.
  3. Increase customer retention and repeat customers by 5%.
  4. Increase average order value (AOV) by 5%.

Mobile-First Ecommerce Experience

The new Shopify website was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and highly functional on mobile devices. Key improvements included:

  • Integration of a size chart, adjustable by product.
  • Side-bar category filters for easier product navigation.
  • Enhanced visual appeal and user-friendly interface.

Product Structure Optimization

We re-evaluated Deso’s product listing structure and built a more efficient system. All styles were migrated to a new system where variants were shown under a single product, simplifying shopping, advertising, and distribution processes.

Automatic Collections

To save time and reduce errors, we implemented a system where products are automatically grouped by tags, product types, price, and other fields. This ensured that discounted products were correctly categorized and removed from collections when sold out or reverted to full price.


The redesigned website received positive feedback from customers and employees alike, with comments such as “Killer” and “So Much Better.” The visual upgrade was evident, and the new backend setup made life easier for internal stakeholders.

By focusing on a mobile-friendly design and improving backend efficiency, we achieved the following results:

  • Increased conversion rate from 1.9% to 3%.
  • Achieved a 53% increase in average monthly sales during peak shopping season.
  • Boosted customer retention and repeat customers by 5%.
  • Raised average order value by 5%.

Our strategic decisions and third-party theme customizations made it easier for Deso Supply Co. to manage their products and provided an enhanced shopping experience for their customers, resulting in year-over-year improvements across all key metrics.

"The site's quality was great, and I was delighted with the final product."

Jordan Basille – CEO/Founder

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