Moment Skis

Elevating a Homegrown Ski Brand

Moment Skis began in Reno, Nevada, born from a daring dream and a passion for quality ski manufacturing. Founded by two visionaries with a commitment to crafting exceptional skis in the USA, Moment Skis embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication. Commence Studio partnered with Moment Skis to enhance their brand identity, create compelling tear sheets, and execute stylized photoshoots that capture the essence of their products.





Reno, NV USA


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Building a Strong Visual Identity for a Growing Brand

Moment Skis needed a refreshed visual identity that resonated with their roots and reflected their high-quality craftsmanship. The challenge was to create brand artifacts and marketing materials that showcased their unique skis and conveyed their commitment to excellence.


Developing Brand Artifacts and Engaging Visual Content

Brand Artifacts and Tear Sheets

Crafting a Cohesive Brand Narrative

Commence Studio worked closely with Moment Skis to develop new brand artifacts and tear sheets. These materials were designed to tell the story of Moment Skis, highlighting their journey from a small startup to a respected player in the ski industry. The tear sheets provided illustrative details that were placed on skis and other graphic apparel.

Product Photography

Killer Photography for Killer Skis

Stellar product photography was essential to capturing the carefully crafted curves and epic design of Moment Skis. Commence Studio conducted stylized photoshoots to highlight the skis’ intricate details and performance attributes. Each shot was meticulously composed to bring justice to the quality and design of the skis, ensuring they stood out in a competitive market.


Enhancing Brand Recognition and Market Presence

The new brand artifacts, tear sheets, and product photography significantly elevated Moment Skis’ market presence. The cohesive visual identity and engaging marketing materials helped Moment Skis attract new customers and strengthen their brand recognition both locally and globally.


Driving Sales and Building a Stronger Brand

The collaboration between Moment Skis and Commence Studio resulted in a more robust and recognizable brand. The enhanced visual identity and compelling product photography contributed to increased sales and a growing customer base, positioning Moment Skis as a leading brand in the ski industry.

"We’re thrilled with the results and proud to showcase our products to the world."

Founder / CEO

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