Off Beat Music Festival

Energizing Reno’s Grassroots Music Festival

Off Beat Music Festival is a grassroots music festival that takes over Reno, NV, featuring over 100 performances across 17 venues, including bars, theaters, art galleries, restaurants, and shops. Commence Studio was tasked with injecting new energy into the festival, enhancing its visual identity, and promoting the diverse and vibrant culture of Reno.





Reno, NV USA

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Revitalizing a Multi-Venue Music Festival

The Off Beat Music Festival needed a fresh and dynamic brand identity that would capture the eclectic spirit of the event and attract a wide audience. The challenge was to create a cohesive visual identity that could be applied across various venues and marketing materials, making the festival stand out and drawing attention to the new and exciting experiences it offers.


Developing a Vibrant Visual Identity and Marketing Strategy

Branding and Visual Design

Reno Is For Creatures Commence Studio developed the “Reno Is For Creatures” branding to reflect the unique and eclectic nature of the festival. The branding included a series of vibrant and playful illustrations that represented the diverse music, food, drink, and art scenes in Reno. These illustrations were used across all festival materials, creating a cohesive and engaging visual identity.

Event Marketing

Promoting a Citywide Experience To promote the citywide, multi-venue aspect of the festival, we designed marketing materials that highlighted the variety of venues and performances. This included posters, flyers, social media graphics, and a comprehensive festival program. Each piece of marketing material emphasized the festival’s diverse offerings and the unique experiences available at different venues.


Enhancing Festival Recognition and Attendance

The revitalized branding and marketing strategy significantly increased the visibility of the Off Beat Music Festival. The cohesive and vibrant visual identity attracted a larger audience, enhancing the festival’s reputation and drawing more attendees to the diverse array of performances and venues.


Driving Engagement and Celebrating Reno’s Culture

The collaboration between Off Beat Music Festival and Commence Studio resulted in a successful rebranding that energized the festival and its audience. The new visual identity and marketing materials effectively promoted the festival’s eclectic mix of music, food, and art, celebrating the vibrant culture of Reno and driving higher attendance and engagement.

"Commence Studio brought a new level of energy and creativity to the Off Beat Music Festival. Their work perfectly captured the spirit of our event and helped us reach a broader audience. We couldn’t be happier with the results."

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