Elevating Tradition: Charming Packaging Design for Italian Olive Oil





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Communicating Tradition and Quality through Packaging

The Italian olive oil company needed packaging that would convey the rich tradition and meticulous attention to detail that goes into harvesting their olives. The challenge was to design packaging that not only protected the product but also told the story of the company’s heritage and dedication to quality.


Creating Illustrative and Engaging Packaging Design

Illustrations and Messaging

Farmers to the Forefront Commence Studio developed illustrations and messaging that highlight the unique and traditional methods of olive harvesting in Italy. These designs bring the farmers and their craftsmanship to the forefront, emphasizing the care and expertise involved in producing high-quality olive oil.

Charming and Authentic Design

Reflecting Traditional Values The packaging design features charming and authentic illustrations that capture the essence of the Italian countryside and the age-old practices of olive harvesting. The designs incorporate elements that reflect the company’s dedication to organic and non-GMO ingredients, reinforcing their commitment to quality and tradition.


Enhancing Brand Perception and Market Appeal

The new packaging design significantly enhanced the brand perception of the Italian olive oil company. The charming and authentic visuals, combined with the storytelling elements, resonated with customers, conveying the company’s values and the quality of their products. This helped differentiate the brand in a competitive market and increased customer loyalty.


Increased Market Presence and Customer Engagement

The engaging packaging design created by Commence Studio helped the Italian olive oil company strengthen its market presence. The visually appealing and informative packaging attracted more customers, leading to higher sales and improved brand recognition.

"The new packaging design beautifully captures the tradition and quality of our olive oil. Commence Studio’s work has brought our story to life and resonated deeply with our customers. We couldn’t be happier with the results."


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