Piñon Bottle Co.

Crafting an Identity for Reno’s Premier Craft Bottle Shop

Piñon Bottle recognized a gap in Reno’s bar scene for a venue dedicated to craft beer. With a clear vision and a passion for quality brews, they embarked on a journey to create a unique space for craft beer enthusiasts. To bring this vision to life, they partnered with Commence Studio to develop a compelling brand identity and eye-catching packaging that communicated their craft and the vibrant atmosphere of their bar. Cheers!





Reno, NV USA


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Establishing a Unique Identity in a Competitive Market

Piñon Bottle needed a distinctive brand identity that would set them apart in Reno’s competitive bar scene. The challenge was to create a cohesive branding strategy that conveyed their focus on craft beer and the inviting atmosphere of their bar, attracting both locals and visitors.


Creating a Craft-Inspired Brand and Growler Design

Brand Identity

Communicating Craft and Atmosphere Commence Studio developed a brand identity that encapsulated the essence of Piñon Bottle. The design reflected the bar’s dedication to craft beer and its warm, welcoming atmosphere. We focused on creating a logo and visual elements that were both modern and rooted in the artisanal nature of the bar’s offerings.


A Distinctive Brand and Engaging Customer Experience

The new brand identity and packaging design successfully positioned Piñon Bottle as a standout destination for craft beer lovers in Reno. The cohesive branding communicated the bar’s dedication to quality and craft, while the eye-catching packaging drew customers in and enhanced their overall experience.

"The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Cheers to that!"

Clint – Owner

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