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Crafting a Custom Shopify Theme for Handcrafted Jewelry

Honey + Goldies, known for their handcrafted unique and irreplaceable jewelry pieces, sought a website that reflects the simplicity, variety, and beauty of their craft. Commence Studio collaborated with Honey + Goldies to create a stunning eCommerce website that showcases their products and offers a seamless shopping experience. With a custom Shopify theme and a migration from Squarespace, we were able to create a new sales channel that crushed sales like a gem quarry.





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Creating a Seamless Online Experience for Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry

Honey + Goldies needed a custom Shopify theme that could effectively present their one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. The challenge was to design a website that not only highlighted the uniqueness and beauty of each product but also provided a user-friendly shopping experience. The site had to incorporate detailed illustrations, high-quality photography, custom product pages, and tailored back-end functionality to handle complex variants, and bespoke jewelry manufacturing.


Integrating Custom Features and Enhanced Functionality for a Superior Shopping Journey

Elegant Design and Color Scheme

We started with a simple yet elegant color scheme to reflect the brand’s aesthetic. The design incorporated shades of gold, grey, and black to create a sophisticated look that complements the handcrafted jewelry.

Comprehensive Home Page

The home page features highlighted products and collections, directing customers to the studio page where they can learn about the process, designer, and shop, or browse through a lookbook of custom jewelry pieces. The website includes an FAQ section, contact forms, customer accounts, three custom product pages, an intuitive product filtering system, and a comprehensive cart page.

Illustrative Detail Work

To enhance the customization experience, we created a custom builder for designing semi-custom jewelry pieces. Detailed illustrations allow customers to pick their favorite embellishments to be carved into the band of their ring or added to their gem.

High-Quality Photography

We used product, lifestyle, and portrait photography to provide an intimate view of the process and products. This approach helps customers see the passion, integrity, and craftsmanship behind each piece.

Multiple Ordering Experiences

Classic Product Page: Features multiple photos, an overview of details, and standard customizations such as ring size or chain length. Ideal for ready-to-ship products with inventory.

Personalized Jewelry Product Page: Allows customers to customize products with options such as metal type, gemstone, band detail, or ring size. Options are displayed in a horizontal scroller to avoid overwhelming the user.

Design Your Own Jewelry Product Page: Customers can create a completely tailored jewelry piece by filling out a form with required details. Honey + Goldies generates a custom page for the purchaser, complete with a summary, progress updates, and a manageable payment system.

Integrated Jewelry Insurance Option

We integrated a jewelry insurance option into the checkout process to provide customers with peace of mind. This feature allows customers to easily add insurance to their purchase, ensuring their valuable pieces are protected.

“Send A Hint” Wishlist Functionality

The “Send A Hint” wishlist functionality was implemented to enhance the customer experience. This feature allows customers to create a wishlist and send hints to their loved ones, making it easier for them to receive the jewelry pieces they desire.


The new custom Shopify theme for Honey + Goldies provided a seamless and elegant shopping experience that mirrors the beauty and uniqueness of their handcrafted jewelry. The website’s aesthetic and functionality have garnered positive feedback, with comments highlighting the clear visual upgrade and improved user experience. The new online sales channel generated a 100X multiple on their ROI within 3 years.

The combination of elegant design, detailed illustrations, high-quality photography, and tailored functionality has positioned Honey + Goldies as a standout brand in the beauty and fashion industry, offering a personalized and engaging online shopping experience.

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