Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN)

Attracting Startups to Reno

Let’s discover the opportunities of growing Reno together! EDAWN, tasked with attracting and retaining startups to join the vibrant community and economy of Reno, NV, partnered with Commence Studio to create the “Pioneers Welcome” Golden Ticket. This illustrative design project aimed to entice startups by highlighting Reno’s thriving ecosystem.





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Creating a Memorable and Compelling Attraction Tool

EDAWN needed a unique and memorable tool to attract startups to Reno. The challenge was to design a piece that not only captured the attention of startup founders but also conveyed the dynamic and supportive environment Reno offers to new businesses. The design had to be both visually striking and informative, leaving a lasting impression on potential entrepreneurs.


Designing an Illustrative and High-Impact Golden Ticket

Illustrative Design

Capturing the Spirit of Innovation and Growth Commence Studio developed an illustrative design for the “Pioneers Welcome” Golden Ticket that embodies the spirit of innovation and growth. The design elements reflect the vibrancy and dynamism of Reno’s startup community, using engaging visuals to tell the story of opportunity and collaboration in the region.

Print Techniques

Creating a Memorable Keepsake To ensure the Golden Ticket stood out, we utilized a combination of letterpress and silkscreen duplex print techniques. This approach gave the ticket a tactile quality and visual depth, making it a piece that recipients would want to keep and share. The use of high-quality materials and printing methods underscored the premium and welcoming nature of Reno’s startup ecosystem.


Attracting and Retaining Startups in Reno

The “Pioneers Welcome” Golden Ticket effectively captured the attention of startups and entrepreneurs, positioning Reno as a prime destination for innovation and growth. The memorable design and high-quality production conveyed the message that Reno is a supportive and dynamic place for new businesses.


Enhancing EDAWN’s Startup Attraction Efforts

The collaboration between EDAWN and Commence Studio resulted in a powerful tool for attracting startups. The Golden Ticket not only highlighted the opportunities available in Reno but also reinforced the city’s commitment to fostering a vibrant startup community. The initiative contributed to an increase in interest from startups looking to relocate or expand to Reno.


Driving Growth Through Strategic Design

The EDAWN “Pioneers Welcome” Golden Ticket case study demonstrates the impact of strategic design in economic development. Commence Studio’s creative solutions provided EDAWN with a compelling tool to attract and retain startups, highlighting Reno as a vibrant and supportive environment for business growth. This project underscores the importance of memorable and high-quality design in driving regional economic success.

"The 'Pioneers Welcome' Golden Ticket has been an incredible asset in our efforts to attract startups to Reno. The design is stunning, and the quality of the print makes it a memorable piece that truly represents the opportunities our region has to offer."

Doug Erwin, VP of Entrepreneurial Development

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