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Rebranding Coffee Roaster for Regional Competitiveness and Nationwide Online Growth




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2016 Reno ADDYs - Gold - Packaging, 2017 Reno Addy's - Gold - Packaging, 2017 MUSE Creative Award - Packaging Series / Campaign


Reno, NV USA

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Rebranding and Enhancing Online Presence for Market Expansion

Magpie Coffee Roasters needed a fresh brand identity to differentiate themselves in the competitive regional market. They required a minimalist design that would appeal to their target audience and convey the quality of their specialty coffee. Additionally, they needed a comprehensive packaging design system to clearly distinguish their different coffee roasts. The goal was also to develop a custom Shopify 2.0 theme to enhance their online store, facilitating nationwide sales and boosting their coffee subscription service.


Developing a Minimalist Brand Identity and Comprehensive Online Store

Brand Identity

Minimalist Design for Maximum Impact Commence Studio crafted a minimalist brand identity for Magpie Coffee Roasters. The new logo and visual elements emphasize simplicity and elegance, reflecting the high quality and craftsmanship of their coffee. The clean design ensures that the brand stands out in both retail and online environments.

Packaging Design

Comprehensive System for Variable Coffee Roasts We developed a comprehensive packaging design system that clearly differentiates Magpie’s various coffee roasts. Each roast features distinct yet cohesive design elements, making it easy for customers to identify their preferred products. The minimalist packaging aligns with the overall brand identity, enhancing shelf appeal and reinforcing brand recognition.

Custom Shopify 2.0 Theme

Enhanced Online Store for Nationwide Sales Commence Studio built a custom Shopify 2.0 theme to create an engaging and user-friendly online store. The website showcases Magpie’s coffee roasts, offers detailed product information, and supports a seamless shopping experience. Special emphasis was placed on the coffee subscription service, allowing customers to easily set up, manage, and modify their subscriptions.

E-commerce Features

Subscription Service and Nationwide Reach To boost online sales and customer retention, we integrated a robust coffee subscription system into the Shopify store. This feature allows customers to subscribe to their favorite coffee roasts with flexible delivery options. Additionally, the online store was optimized for nationwide reach, ensuring that Magpie Coffee Roasters could expand its customer base beyond the regional market.


Strengthened Retail Competitiveness and Expanded Online Sales

The rebranding and comprehensive design solutions provided by Commence Studio significantly enhanced Magpie Coffee Roasters’ market presence. The minimalist brand identity and cohesive packaging design made their products stand out in retail environments, increasing local competitiveness.

The custom Shopify 2.0 theme and integrated subscription service improved the online shopping experience, leading to a substantial growth in nationwide sales. Customers appreciated the ease of managing their subscriptions and the seamless online store navigation, resulting in increased customer loyalty and higher sales volume.

Magpie Coffee Roasters now enjoys a stronger market position regionally and a growing online presence nationwide, thanks to the strategic rebranding and e-commerce enhancements implemented by Commence Studio.

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