The Virgil

Coworking Space Identity and Website Design

The Virgil, a coworking and events venue, aimed to make luxury accessible while fostering a sense of community. Commence Studio crafted a refined brand identity and an elegant, user-friendly website, transforming The Virgil into a collaborative hub.





Reno, NV USA


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Combining Luxury and Community in a Brand Identity

The Virgil wanted to create an inviting space that combined luxury with a community-oriented atmosphere. The challenge was to design a brand identity and website that reflected this balance, attracting professionals and event-goers alike.


Crafting a Community-Oriented and Elegant Brand

Custom Serif Logo

Elegant Typography Commence designers created a custom serif logo using swashes as letterforms, resulting in a sophisticated wordmark and monogram that reflected The Virgil’s detail-oriented personality. The elegant typography set the tone for the brand, emphasizing both luxury and accessibility.

Illustrated Icons

Stylized Service Representation Unique illustrations were developed to provide a personal touch, mirroring the warmth and hospitality of The Virgil’s physical space. These icons helped website visitors quickly understand the services offered and made a positive first impression.

Flexible Website Design

Gather Here A flexible and user-friendly website was designed and developed to showcase The Virgil’s services, upcoming events, amenities, and membership plans. The website served as a central hub for potential clients to explore what The Virgil had to offer, making it easy to navigate and find information.


A Hub for Collaboration and Elegance

The new brand identity and website successfully positioned The Virgil as a luxurious yet community-oriented space. The elegant design elements and user-friendly website attracted a diverse clientele, making The Virgil a sought-after venue for coworking and events.


The Virgil case study highlights the power of strategic branding and web design in creating an inviting and luxurious space. Commence Studio’s creative solutions provided The Virgil with a sophisticated identity and a functional website, enhancing its appeal and fostering a vibrant community.

"Commence Studio captured our vision perfectly. The elegant branding and website have elevated The Virgil, making it a central hub for collaboration and events in Reno. We’re thrilled with the results!"

Rachel Macintyre – Founder

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