Identity, Web Design & Development for a Financial Consulting Group

Vast, a consulting group offering financial expertise and virtual accounting services to small businesses, primarily in the food industry, partnered with Commence Studio to create an expressive identity system and an interactive web presence.





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Creating a Clear and Engaging Identity and Online Experience

Vast needed an identity that reflected their clarity, accuracy, and enthusiasm while catering to their diverse client base. The challenge was to design an engaging and interactive website that clearly communicates their extensive list of services, mission, and values, making it easy for potential customers to understand and engage with their offerings.


Developing an Expressive Identity and Comprehensive Website

Brand Identity

Leveraging Experience through Identity Commence Studio designed an expressive wordmark for Vast, reflecting their dynamic and forward-thinking approach. Bright, unconventional colors were used to balance the more serious aspects of the brand, creating a lasting impression of innovation and clarity.

Web Design and Development

Promoting Continued Success Vast’s extensive list of services required a clear and engaging online presence. We designed and developed a website that allows potential customers to easily learn about Vast’s purpose, mission, values, and services. The site enables customers to identify their financial challenges and receive personalized service offerings, streamlining the lead qualification process.

Service Pathways: Start, Fix, and Grow To address the diverse needs of Vast’s clients, we developed an improved system with three distinct service pathways: Start, Fix, and Grow. This structure allows Vast to market their services directly to clients with different needs, ensuring that each potential customer can find relevant information and solutions quickly and efficiently.

Illustrations and Visual Elements

Refreshing Illustrations We created a set of illustrations that visually communicate Vast’s service offerings and values. These illustrations promote a sense of continued success and support the brand’s identity by adding a friendly and approachable element to the website.


Enhanced Brand Clarity and Online Engagement

The comprehensive branding, web design, and development solutions provided by Commence Studio have significantly enhanced Vast’s brand clarity and online engagement. The expressive identity system and interactive website make it easy for potential customers to understand Vast’s services and values, improving lead qualification and customer satisfaction.

By creating a clear and engaging online presence with distinct service pathways, Commence Studio positioned Vast as a leader in financial consulting and virtual accounting services for small businesses, particularly in the food industry.

"The site enables customers to identify their financial challenges and receive personalized service offerings, bringing ease to qualifying leads."

Jenny Coughlin – COO

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