Building a stronger fitness community

Fitlab Strong

Building a stronger fitness community

A strong and bold identity system developed for a fitness gym dedicated to their community, bringing an inclusive atmosphere to the Northern California area.





United States

Fitlab custom typeface color variants gif
Working Out
Stronger Together
Brand Mark

Swift and fluid

The monogram brand mark symbolizes a swiftness of motion while bringing recognition to the brand’s namesake.

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Fit For Life - Woman working out planking
Fitlab logo over gym image
Logo with orange background

Fitness For All

Fitlab prides itself on fitness expertise and a welcoming, inclusive service provided by the gym and trainers. Commence collaborated with the owner, Valerie, to develop a set of taglines and imagery to represent these values.

Color Palette

Come on in

A simple yet bright color palette was used to instill the warm and welcoming nature of the gym.

Monogram pattern

Signage & Corporate Collateral

Fitlab’s goal is to cultivate an atmosphere that inspires people to work out and get stronger together. We created a flexible design system utilizing bold typography to communicate brand messaging and wayfinding throughout.

backlit sign
weight room wayfinding
backlit logo