Turn Loose

Embracing Unbridled Freedom with a Bold Brand Identity

Turn Loose, founded by professional mountain bike racer Lauren Gregg, is a brand born from the spirit of adventure and unrestrained freedom. Commence Studio was tasked with creating a brand identity that captures the essence of living life to the fullest, slamming back sunshine, and embracing the wild. With a clear vision of freedom and a rebellious spirit, we set out to craft a logo, visual identity, and an online storefront that would resonate with adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.




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2016 Reno ADDYS - Gold - Logo Design


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Capturing the Spirit of Adventure and Freedom

Turn Loose needed a brand identity that would embody the raw, untamed spirit of adventure and freedom. The challenge was to create a design that was both bold and inviting, appealing to those who live life on the edge and seek unbridled experiences. The identity had to be distinctive and memorable, making a strong statement in the lifestyle and outdoor market.


Creating a Bold and Inviting Brand Identity

Logo Design

Gold-Winning Visuals Commence Studio designed a logo that encapsulated the adventurous spirit of Turn Loose. The logo featured dynamic elements that suggested movement and freedom, winning a Gold award at the 2016 Reno ADDYS for its impactful design. The logo’s bold typography and rugged aesthetic captured the essence of the brand’s rebellious nature.

Brand Narrative

Sun’s About to Rise, Sleepy Eyes We developed a brand narrative that resonated with Turn Loose’s target audience. Phrases like “Sun’s About to Rise, Sleepy Eyes” and “Slamming back sunshine and raising our glasses to the rising moon” were crafted to evoke the feeling of endless adventure and the joy of living life unrestrained. This narrative was woven into the visual identity and marketing materials, creating a cohesive and compelling brand story.

Visual Identity

Dynamic and Adventurous The visual identity extended beyond the logo to include a range of branding elements that reinforced the spirit of Turn Loose. From the rugged textures and bold colors to the dynamic imagery and typography, every element was designed to evoke a sense of freedom and adventure. The brand materials, including apparel, accessories, and marketing collateral, reflected the untamed spirit of the brand.

Shopify Online Storefront

Seamless E-Commerce Experience To complement the brand identity, Commence Studio built a Shopify online storefront for Turn Loose. The e-commerce site was designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing, making it easy for customers to browse and purchase products. The storefront integrated seamlessly with the brand’s adventurous and rebellious aesthetic, providing an immersive shopping experience.


A Distinctive and Memorable Brand

The new brand identity and online storefront successfully positioned Turn Loose as a standout in the lifestyle and outdoor market. The bold visuals and compelling narrative attracted a loyal following of adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. The cohesive branding and seamless e-commerce experience helped Turn Loose establish a strong market presence and resonate with its target audience.


The Turn Loose case study highlights the importance of capturing the essence of a brand through strategic branding, creative direction, and effective web development. Commence Studio’s innovative approach provided Turn Loose with a bold and memorable identity, helping them connect with adventure enthusiasts and establish a strong presence in the lifestyle and outdoor market.

"Commence Studio nailed it. They captured the spirit of Turn Loose perfectly. Our brand now embodies the freedom and adventure we live for."

Lauren Gregg – Founder

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