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New South Wales, Australia

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Differentiating Coffee Branding in an International Market

Remy & Max faced the challenge of rebranding in a market saturated with competition. The goal was to stand out in New South Wales, Australia, while also creating a scalable identity that could accommodate a large collection of products. With over 20 SKUs, the new branding needed to be distinct, memorable, and adaptable for various applications.


Defining a Distinct Personality Through Brand Identity and Typography

Brand Positioning and Research

Creating a Unique Visual Landscape Commence Studio began with brand positioning exercises and extensive market research to identify the visual landscape for Remy & Max. This foundation helped us craft a brand identity that was both unique and hard to imitate.

Illustrations and Packaging Design

Crafting Scalable and Variable Packaging We developed unique patterns, illustrations, and highly detailed packaging designs that captured the essence of Remy & Max’s products. The packaging system was designed to be scalable and variable, ensuring that baristas and bartenders could easily identify products through distinct hierarchy and color palettes.


Elevated Market Presence and Scalable Design

The rebranding efforts resulted in a distinct and memorable identity for Remy & Max. The scalable design system allowed for consistent branding across their extensive product line, enhancing recognition and appeal in the competitive coffee market. The new brand identity successfully differentiated Remy & Max, positioning them as a standout player in the industry.


Strategic Rebranding for Market Differentiation

The Remy & Max case study highlights the importance of strategic branding and scalable design in differentiating a brand in a competitive market. Commence Studio’s creative solutions provided Remy & Max with a distinct and adaptable identity, helping them achieve greater market presence and recognition in the coffee industry.

"The unique packaging and distinct identity have made our products easily recognizable and highly appealing on the shelf. We’re thrilled with the outcome and how it has set us apart from the competition."

Bill Parianos – Founder

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