Brand identity for the leading global investment group

Cingulate Group

Brand identity for the leading global investment group

A diversified growth equity and advisory firm with a storied history of success, Cingulate Group came to Commence for their unique brand identity and website development.

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Large 'g' & Wordmark
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Lending clarity to complexity

A logo system that scales

Cingulate is committed to driving innovation across industries to enhance communities around the world. The Commence designers worked with founders Abraham Moyal and Avi Cohen to build a brand identity that encompasses the diversity and integrity of the investment group.

A branded house for investments

Commence designed the brand family for all of Cingulate’s verticals: Ventures, Technology, Commodities, Real Estate, and Sports & Entertainment.

Cingulate Subsidiaries
Color Palette

An iconic accent

For the Cingulate brand, the primary colors chosen are sophisticated shades of gray and black with pop accents of yellow, used throughout typography and in photo treatments for emphasis and to act as a signature of the brand.

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Tailor-made solutions

A website designed to focus on the individual experience

With an expansive investment offering across many fields, Cingulate needed a way to speak directly to each client and their unique needs while also giving a clear overview about their mission as a whole. Commence web designers developed an array of storytelling components and interactive sections to hold your attention and guide the journey through Cingulate’s services.

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