Caffeine Collective

Bold Branding for a Rebellious Coffee Culture

The Caffeine Collective, a Sydney-based coffee brand, sought to establish a bold and rebellious identity that reflects Australia’s unique cultural heritage. With a tagline that promises “includes no dangerous animals” and a brand persona inspired by the country’s history of criminal expats, The Caffeine Collective hired Commence Studio to craft a differentiated style that would stand out in the market. The brand’s wild art style, boxing, and tattoo themes embody a spirit of defiance, aligning with their audacious claim of serving “100% pure rocket fuel, called coffee.”





Sydney, AUS

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Creating a Distinctive and Rebellious Brand Identity

The Caffeine Collective wanted to break away from conventional coffee branding and create an identity that was as bold and rebellious as their coffee. The challenge was to design a brand that celebrated Australia’s unique history and culture while appealing to modern coffee enthusiasts. The brand needed to be instantly recognizable and resonate with an audience looking for something different and daring in their coffee experience.


Developing a Bold and Unconventional Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Rebellious and Wild Style Commence Studio crafted a brand identity that exudes the rebellious spirit of The Caffeine Collective. The design features bold typography and wild art inspired by boxing and tattoo culture, reflecting the brand’s defiant nature. The tagline “includes no dangerous animals” humorously acknowledges Australia’s reputation for wildlife, while emphasizing the safety of indulging in their coffee.

Packaging Design

100% Pure Rocket Fuel The packaging for The Caffeine Collective was designed to be eye-catching and unconventional, with illustrations and graphics that capture the brand’s adventurous spirit. The packaging prominently features the slogan “100% pure rocket fuel, called coffee,” reinforcing the idea that their coffee is not just a beverage but a powerful experience. The use of vibrant colors and dynamic designs ensures that the products stand out on the shelves and attract attention.

Visual Identity

Embodying Australia’s Cultural Heritage The visual identity integrates elements that pay homage to Australia’s founding culture of criminal expats. The art style, inspired by old-school boxing posters and traditional tattoo art, creates a sense of rugged authenticity. This visual approach not only sets The Caffeine Collective apart from other coffee brands but also celebrates the unique cultural heritage that shapes Australia’s identity.


A Standout Brand in the Australian Coffee Market

The new brand identity positioned The Caffeine Collective as a bold and rebellious force in the coffee market. The distinctive packaging and visual elements captured the attention of coffee lovers looking for an adventurous experience. The brand’s unique style and messaging resonated with a broad audience, establishing The Caffeine Collective as a standout choice for those seeking a coffee that defies the norm.

" The branding is wild, rebellious, and truly captures the spirit of The Caffeine Collective. Our customers love the bold style and the packaging that screams adventure. It’s been a game-changer for us in the market."

Bill Parianos – Founder

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