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2017 - Shopify Commerce Awards - Best UX Through Storytelling


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Disconnected Digital Presence

Coffeebar needed a refreshed brand identity that resonated with their vibrant, yet refined personality. With rapid growth and a dedicated fanbase, it was crucial to approach every action strategically. The challenge was to maintain consistency across all locations while allowing each space to uniquely fit into its local area. Additionally, they required a new website that highlighted all locations, provided an exceptional shopping experience, and reflected their modern yet human-centric approach.


eCommerce Development and Brand Support

Brand Identity

Commence Studio re-crafted Coffeebar’s brand identity to reflect their bold and sophisticated personality. In addition to the signature orange, brown, and tan color scheme, we introduced pronounced secondary colors to embody the comfort and energy of coffee. We incorporated handwritten elements to retain the human touch that differentiates Coffeebar from other coffee shops.

Campaign Design and Retail Displays

We designed badges that extended the brand identity across various platforms, including website ornamentation, clothing designs, and patches. Our retail point of purchase displays were crafted to attract attention and provide essential information, enhancing the customer experience.

Website Redesign

The new Coffeebar website features fast-loading pages, custom video components, eye-catching transitions, and integrated handwritten elements. The homepage offers a taste of the entire site, highlighting shopping experiences, Coffeebar’s locations, blogs, ideology, Spotify favorites, and lifestyle portfolio. The site architecture ensures easy navigation with contact, about, culture, and shop pages, along with special sections for photos, playlists, news, and menus.

Shopify Integration

We chose Shopify as the platform for Coffeebar’s online store due to its user-friendly backend, top-notch analytics, and ecommerce insights. The shopping experience is organized into three categories: coffee, goods, and tools, with detailed product pages that include pictures, stories, and sticky headers for easy navigation.

Photography and Video Campaigns

Our team conducted on-location and studio photography sessions, capturing the essence of Coffeebar’s magic. We produced cinemagraphs, custom videos, and timelapses to showcase each location and the unique Coffeebar experience.

Event Merchandise Design

We designed a range of merchandise, including clothes, pins, and mugs, incorporating our badges and typography to add to Coffeebar’s online store. This merchandise helps spread the brand’s visual identity and connect with customers on a personal level.


The rebranding and digital transformation by Commence Studio significantly enhanced Coffeebar’s brand presence. The cohesive brand identity, engaging website, and high-quality photography and video content elevated the customer experience and supported Coffeebar’s rapid growth. The refreshed brand identity and digital presence ensure that Coffeebar stands out in the competitive coffee shop market and continues to resonate with their dedicated fanbase.

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