A Mobile Ecommerce Site for Purpose Driven Retailer

Deso Supply Co.

A Mobile Ecommerce Site for Purpose Driven Retailer

Deso Supply Co. is an outdoor clothing company that appreciates wide open spaces and getting lost in the wilderness. Not because you don’t know where you’re going but because it’s an adventure.

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The art form

Of Getting Lost

Deso Supply Co. was created with a goal in mind, be a representative of the conscious consumer and to leave the world a better place. How are they doing that? Here’s just a few of their achievements:

  • Puts the planet over profits by being A member of 1% for the Planet
  • Is Climate Neutral Certified by measuring their greenhouse gas emissions and creating a strategic carbon reduction plan to offset what they’re creating
  • And if that wasn’t enough they’re substituting the materials they use in their clothing with sustainable alternatives like Hemp and recycled polyester
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As a company, Commence Studio values the same things and participates in some of the same initiatives. As a design agency, our focus is on crafting purposeful brands, products, and experiences that turn cultural values into company value. We took on the Deso Supply Co. partnership because we truly believe in what they stand for and we know that these beliefs have a place in the market and should be a staple in business today.

That’s why, when they needed help with their website, we activated our Shopify Development hats and went to work giving them an incredible product we’re so excited to share with you today.

Overall Goal

Build a Modern Mobile Storefront

The team at Deso noticed that the Mobile Usability on their website was lackluster. After reviewing the data we found that their mobile usability was a cause for concern. Their numbers showed that 80% of traffic was mobile and metrics like time spent on page was low, while bounce rate was higher than desired.

Finding a Solution

Both sides agreed that instead of re-working the current theme, Commence would research and find new themes that would lend themselves better to mobile shoppers. We pinpointed three different themes that we thought could support a better mobile experience.

After presenting the options to Deso Supply Co. we agreed on the new theme and got to work creating an experience that made the lives of internal stakeholders easier and pleased customers on the front end.


Measures of Success

Before we started down this journey we had some very specific goals in mind. In order to show success, we had some specific measurables we set with our partners.

1. Increase the store’s conversion rate from 1.9% to 3%

2. Increase average monthly sales 53% during peak shopping season.

3. Increase customer retention/repeat customers by 5%

4. Increase average order value 5%

These goals were set over a 6-month period.

The Results

Deso's New Website

A Mobile First Ecommerce Experience


“So Much Better”

These are the types of comments that owner, Jordan, heard from his customers and employees.

The aesthetic upgrade of the website was clear to internal and external parties. The new Shopify website looks great and the update set-up of features on the back end made life easier for internal employees.

In our initial meeting, Deso Supply Co. wanted to “keep the site fresh” so that potential customers would want to support the brand. Integrating a size chart, adjustable by product, and side-bar category filters for product navigation were a must to create an even better customer experience.

Product Structure

With our ecommerce expertise we re-evaluated the way that Deso listed products on the front end and built a better product structure on the back end. All styles were migrated from the old system into a new one where variants were shown under one product making shopping, advertising and distribution easier.

Automatic Collection

Before, products had to be added to collections manually. This could cost the Deso team a lot of time and even money if products accidentally ended up in a sale collection when they shouldn’t be. We changed all of that by teaching them to group products by tags, product types, price and other fields. This way, discounted products are automatically added to that collection when price decreases and removed when sold out or shifted back to full price.


Our strategic decisions and 3rd party theme customizations made it easier for Deso Supply Co. to manage their products on the backend and created an even more enjoyable experience for customers on the front end. Our initial goal was to create a more mobile friendly site measure by an increase in conversion rate, total revenue, bounce rate, time spent on page and AOV and we beat those metrics year-over-year since launching mid-November.

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